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CSMM - Cloud hosted server manager


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This looks promising i been watching for the last while time to give you a try.


quick question where is your host server located? Canada, USA, Over seas?

just worried about latency not any good if your on the moon from me lmao.

CSMM is hosted in London right now. We have users from around the world (USA to Japan, even some South African people). I've yet to hear complaints about latency ^^. You can always give it a try, see if you have a good connection and then decide to keep using CSMM or not.

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Bug fixes


- Disconnect messages in chat bridge work again

- No more double messages in chat bridge when using coloured names (or other chat API hooks)

- Servers should show up in the dropdown "Your servers" correctly for owners & admins now. (note that the Server overview page is still broken :()

- Fixed a faulty internal async return statement that would make function calls time out

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CSMM updated


- Fixed custom command adding and importing. Something was wrong with whitespace

- CommandHandler is faster!

- When adding an item in the shop or when giving items to a player, CSMM will display possible items after you start typing. Clicking one of these items will autofill the name into the box


- (Hopefully :p) fixed the crashes/lag that plagued CSMM after the A17 update



Btw, did you know CSMM is open source?

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Small update this time


- Update $claim command to use CPMs giveplus command so that items appear directly in a players inventory instead of on the ground. To enable this you'll need to use CPM v6.4 or higher

The regular give command is broken atm, it will most likely be fixed in the next version of allocs fixes.

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Update / bug fixes


- Fix settings page erroring and not loading when server is offline/cannot be connected to

- Add an extra check to log module to see if CSMM is still handling a request from the previous interval

- Fix issue where server was incorrectly detected in countryban hook

- Add better error handling for CPM settings page (Please update to CPM 6.6 if you haven't yet!)

- Better frontend error handling. When you see an error message, extra info will be shown in the browser console which you can copy paste to the support team

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Small addition


Custom commands and cron jobs now support a wait(seconds) function that lets you wait between commands.


For example: say "first one"; wait(5); say "second one". The first message will appear, csmm will wait 5 seconds and then the next command is executed.


Minimum 1 (second).


EDIT: Also added better error reporting for the $claim command and support for giveplus in the give item button from a players profile page

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