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CSMM - Cloud hosted server manager

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Forgot to post here yesterday but CSMM is working for A19! Make sure you grab the patch for Allocs fixes (I posted it in the announcements channel on Discord but I'm sure it's floating around in other places aswell). You will need this unofficial patch until a new update for the official fixes comes out

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Posted (edited)

CSMM v1.14.2 released!

New feature

Added variables for random numbers and strings to be used in custom commands, hooks, cronjobs,...


addCurrency(${player.id}, ${randNum:5,10}); say "${player.name} just won the lottery and got some coins!"

More info: https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/custom-commands.html#special-variables

Patch notes:

Edited by Catalysm (see edit history)

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