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Cannot wear Gas Mask ?!

The Loooser

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I never found this item, so I cheated it:





Note: This is the GAS MASK and not the Bandit Gask Mask.



Now I got it, but I cannot wear it.


It has WEAR and DROP, but when I press WEAR nothing happens. My body slots aren't occupied but even if they would, it would not be a problem.


Seems like a bug, but on the Wiki there is nothing mentioned and it says you can just wear it regularly.



Any ideas?

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Maybe there's a reason you never found it and had to cheat it.

There are several items/blocks that you won't get by normal gameplay, because they're bugged and/or unfinished elements.


Also that wiki is terribly outdated. You're better off getting current game info on YT or here.

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If it's not accessible in game, and only through command console, it does imply that it's not finished or has undergone a change which breaks it. It's not the only one. Something as big as the Behemoth is in the game, but you gotta spawn it in manually... and without hitboxes it's a bit tough to kill without admin commands for instance ;)


/V - Quick Tips N Tricks - Enabling GOD weapons!

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