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Crashes after loading within 1 minute of start


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Windows 10 64bit

intel i7 -4770k cpu 3.5ghz

16 g ram

video card navida geo force 9600gt


Game verified new game restarted and repeated so as to test.

running in single player mode. default settings.


Game loads but soon as I can see the area it will crash.


I am using steam family sharing to run on this machine to test if It will run before buying a copy for my grand daughter.

But if it keeps crashing no use spending the 25 bucks to add another copy in the house.

The game runs fine on my own pc and on my daughters pc. With alot less memory to boot.

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Maybe the gf 9600 cannot handle the game...

It is a pretty old video card, 512Mb only of gddr3 RAM.


Try to set the graphics to minimal (block quality, distance, etc) and maybe the game can load, or take a few seconds more to crash...

good luck

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