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New Biome

Garit Jax

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Hey guy's here's an idea for a new Biome...


So me and my Bro-in-law came up with this idea for a Swamp Biome.

If any of you guys are watching season 8 of The Walking Dead and have seen Episode 11 you will know what i'm talking about.

A Biome that is mostly water with small islands dotted about with alot of the water being only waste high to wade through.

Most of the Zombies in this new Biome would be hidden under water, most of the land would be flat with a lot of dips in the land that would be filled with water (for the zombies to hide in).

New Zombies in this Biome could include Hillbilliy Zombies, Snakes and Crocodiles.

Buildings would be rare but would include shacks and houses on stilts.

Plains Biome land textures could be used along with a mix of trees from the plains and burnt Biomes.


I think this would be a GREAT new Biome and would add a new scare factor with the player not knowing where the Zombies are, add in some background splashing sounds and stuff.... sunken loot, bogs that players move at 50% less speed (you guys ever had that dream where your running really slow and something is chasing you ?)


Any way if you guys like this idea and have more to add to it pls do so. ;)

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I like the idea. Also Season 8 of TWD is great hehe. It would be interesting to also see them implement a junkyard biome. Wasteland doesn't really count for this one - for a Junkyard biome I imagine different shapes and materials, especially scrap lead and scrap brass tho instead of just scrap iron. Basically resource-heaven, but with armored Zombies or something. Like imagine a cult living there (like in TWD) that catch zombies and armor them with plates and make♥♥♥♥ helmets and stuff and put spikes on them. Zombies that in close combat are almost impossible to kill so you have to rely on ranged weapons, which however notifies all other Zombies in the area of your presence.

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It's possible to add that biome in now as far as I know, you just need to mod it in.


I wouldn't bother messing with water until the great water update hits otherwise you'll be doing most of the work twice, especially if you want aquatic threats normally found lurking in swamp-water such as crocodiles and people from Alabama :-)

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thanks for the mention Garit, also occured to me we should suggest a scavenger carrion class zombie that replenishes or increases it's abilities as it feeds on the dead corpses left to rot.... which serves to clear out old bodies rather than the current timer system.


More expanded than simply turning into a feral, more it ranks up per corpse, unlocking new attacks etc. the trade off being the more you let it rank up, the better the loot drop from it.... risk reward :p that could be governed by the current loot drop in the corpse and that adds stats if multiple of same items are recovered as it eats corpses.


Maybe have some sort of slight speed upgrade but not quite feral running speed unless max cap by which time would manifest some super ability anyway, or changes to sounding more ravenous feeding sound and visual fx with more gore to indicate level every 5 corpses.


Oh and I would make it ignore players and zombies, it sticks to feeding off corpses and wandering aimlessly to the next meal, unless you poke the bear.... then you get it full on. :p

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You know.. this doesn't actually sound half bad..

I think that one major thing that would make this biome stand out from the rest is that this biome should have a fog mechanic. This will separate it even more from existing biomes, and this way you won't be able to see any zombies until they're right up on you.

The fog density should vary with the time of day and weather

Dawn - Visibility of 15 meters

Late morning - visibility of 25 meters

Early noon - visibility gradually increases to 60 meters

Noon - Fog is lifted. Full visibility.

Afternoon - visibilty of 80 meters

Dusk -visibility gradually decreases down to 25 meters

Night - visibility of 10-5 meters.


Rain Increases the intensity of the fog by 10%


Zombies should also be a little faster in this biome if you have default settings. Reason being: It's dark enough for them to move faster, but it is not dark enough for them to run yet.


This combined with the fog mechanic and slower movement speed in water is a recipe for many player deaths in this biome. To give a reason to come here, guns and ammunition should be more common here. Plus there's a great water source.





Imagine building your base in a swamp biome for an extra challenge.

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And now I want swamp biomes and biomes where u need gas masks like the air is highly toxic. And the hasmat suit when the biome is radioactive I know they have both the radioactive zone and the hasmat suit which with a complete set don't do much in keeping you alive in the zone. Still since they have it in it might actually be planned in the future

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