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More tools,tiers of workbenches, and scavenging, all tool related perks rework

Trigger Warning

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If you invest in certain skills, it is easy to get steel tools before day 7, this should be harder to aquire, but more tools need to be added to fill in the gaps between them. If you have scavenging and quality joe high, it is not necessary to spend points on tool and weapon smithing. Just go to a working stiff and voila. Workbenches should require significantly more materials to craft, and there should be 3 or more tiers since it is easy to max out tools before day 21. There should be more tools for the long run so that you actually have more things to work for instead of only fighting off hordes.


i.e Tier 1: Stone Pickaxe;

Tier 2:Ice Picks;

Tier 3: Scrap Metal Pick;

Tier 4: Iron Pickaxe;

Tier 5: Steel Pickaxe;

Tier 6: Auger.

This update could fit in well due to A17 only having five qualities for tools and weapons (1;2;3;4;5) instead of going specific (25;50;100;150;200;250;300;350;400;450;500).

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