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Struggles running a Multiplayer Server


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I'm having quite a few struggles running a multi player server for me and my friend and i wanted to know if there was any way to improve it.

we both live in different countries but not massively far for each other, and have good internet.


here are some issues were having:

- whenever we join a game together we get roughly an hour before the person whose not running the servers ping reaches ridiculous levels (15000+, i had 75000 ping at one point)

- He can no longer find my servers at all, not even under the friends tab

- if i try to send him an invite over steam he goes to an endless loading screen


any advice or help is greatly appreciated!

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Going to move this to the support section.


Check out the Sticky FAQ thread. It's got tips on network issues, and on excluding the Steam and game client from your security software. (The latter is what typically causes insane ping spikes.)


I can assist further if you still run into issues after checking on that. I'll need very specific details on network layout, configuration, port settings, hardware, and traceroute data taken both directions.

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