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Irradiated and Ferals


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i guess maybe people seem to think lvl 40 is pretty well established? i always assumed it was pretty early game as the lvl goes to 200 so its only about 1/5 of the progression


For me level 40 means about day 10.


Back in Alpha 13/14 you didn't get Cops or Wights until day 21. Alpha 15 slowed the early game down massively and then you often wouldn't see Cops/Wights until day 35. Alpha 16 is also very slow and I didn't see Cops until

. Sure, that was on difficulty 3, but is difficulty 5 supposed to have stuff show up THAT much sooner?
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ah ya but this is a well established multiplayer server so its like day 400 and something


It would seem there are only three possibilities.

  1. What day it is on the server has no bearing on what shows up.
  2. You are observing a bug in the code.
  3. We've been misinformed on how gamestage works.

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