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Chance of breaking down ?


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What if the parts on the bike run to below 50%

Battery,engine run below 50%


You repaired your guns

You repaired your tools


But didn't maintain the workings on your bike......Now it has a chance of breaking down.


Your in the middle of nowhere with a good haul of goodies nights closing in....Bikes broken down and a 4 mile run to your base to get parts to repair the bike you forgot to keep in top working order..S*%T....what to do .....run or stay put till morning?????

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Say you left your headlights on in your car. Battery drained because the engine wasn't running. You get a jump start, drive around for at least 15 minutes, and your battery should be ok after that. Which is why battery works that way in the game. When your battery is low because you left the headlamp on, running the engine chargers the battery. Thank God for alternators!

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