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problems with the game. crash


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Hello, I have with 7 days to die such a problem, after a few successful launches and a couple of hours of play the game starts to crash at starts, tell me what to do and where to send a countdown error on which the game crashed

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не открываются сайты по ссылкам в теме


I read in the topic like you said, it said that the data from the file output_log.txt should be sent to the message according to one of the other links, but none of them open, what to do?

I apologize in advance for not really correctly structured sentences because English does not possess, and all translated through an interpreter

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Ok, first download the latest driver for your GPU. (If you have and ATI card do not get the latest version, get the one before that.)


Once downloaded, right-click on it and choose "Run as Administrator".


Choose advanced settings, and tick the box to "Perform a clean installation".


Once that is completed, re-install DirectX.


Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Official Microsoft Download Center

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - DirectX Redist (June 2010)


After all that is done, restart your computer, and then try again.

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It's not working

I did everything you said, but the game still doesn't work.

I reinstalled the graphics drivers (it turned out that I did not have the latest version of the drivers) then reinstalled DirectX and rebooted the computer, but the game still does not want to start

do I need to send you a new bug report?

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Ok, Access violations are usually caused by the following reasons.


1. Not excluding Steam or the client folders from security software.

2. Folder permission issues.

3. Corrupt data.


Easiest to fix, and absolutely most common is #1. Instructions are in the Sticky FAQ.

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If you had to re-install Windows to fix the issue, that sounds like your OS was corrupted.


Is it working now?


patience level 9000


my go-to fix for this issue was to alternate between 32 and 64 bit every launch. i'd have to also load my save otherwise i'd have graphical errors. thankfully that's not a problem for me now

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