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1080 ti maybe


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Ok sorry It took me so long but...


I'm considering going back to school but I'd like to toy around with an engine first. From what i gather it's free to download unity, cryengine, or unreal? Or am i being nieve in thinking thats the only tool i need to start toying.



I can't speak for cryengine but Unity and Unreal are free to download. As with all things, there are differences. General opinion is that Unity is better for mobile development whereas Unreal is aimed more towards more elaborate development so the graphics are better.


Both have their pluses and minuses and I'm sure many discussions can be found with a quick Unreal vs. Unity search.


What you get with Unity for free is rather lacking and you need to pay out for more modules. That said, the community is very large and help is quickly and easily at hand.


Unreal doesn't have much in the way of documentation (though it's getting better) but Epic games don't earn any money until you do (5% after you've earned $3000 in any quarter) so the engine designers themselves want to see you succeed because they don't until you do.

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Also don't forget as 7dtd is alpha its horribly unoptimized, greaphically the game is about as good as a ps2 game. The reason you need a decent gpu is just because its unoptimized, it'll get done probally during the beta phase.


As for the 1080 TI, if you can afford it, I say get it, because it'll save you having to upgrade later. I'd have a 1080/1080ti in my rig right now if I had the money to get one that high, but 1070 as the best I could do, and its more than enough for anything today.

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