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Suggestion Plug the holes


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Sorry if this has been mentioned before but hey ho...


I'm into the game for about 260 hours now and while some of the graphical 'nuances' take a bit of getting used to, the main issue I have are the holes in the 7 day bloodmoon horde. I've seen people call other players cowards for what seems like straight forward intelligent play I.E. To avoid the horde either simply run away, ride away on the mini bike, dig a hole and get in it or make a very large pole and climb on top of it. All of these options seem to enable a player to avoid the horde with a certain amount of ease and even those brave soles that stand and fight have various block exploits they can use against the AI to somewhat nullify them. In regards to the horde, I think it should be up to the game to try and remove ways a player has to avoid it, instead of the player having to somewhat restrict their gameplay and purposely put themselves on the line just to engage with it. So here's a few specifically '7 day horde' ideas that have probably been made before as they seem quite obvious....


1. A Zombie that can always run quite a bit faster than the fastest speed a player can with a pocket full of coffee. (Like all these ideas it could be a new type or just a different coloured glow applied to and existing type.)


2. A Zombie with higher senses than usual which disables the ability for a player to get above it's range of detection.


3. A dedicated digger Zombie or creature that can dig holes quicker than the usual speed.


4. A demolition Zombie with increased block damage.


5. An EMP that accompanies the Bloodmoon storm that disables all electronic parts while it's active. To protect base defences and electrical systems a new craftable powered EMP protection block can be added that needs placed, but vehicles would be inactive during the storm outside the range of these blocks.


Suitable defences, whether they be above ground or below should be a necessity for the 7 day horde rather than just a thing to create gameplay that can easily avoided. Of course players will no doubt find a way round these ideas too as AI in video games still has a long way to go to beat real intelligence, but it shouldn't be so easy to circumvent one of the cornerstone elements of this game ....and with new vehicles on the horizon, it seems this will only get easier. Otherwise, this game is mainly a creative exercise in building stuff in a world of Zombies that seem to be more of a nuisance... than any real threat.


Anyway, that's my 2 cents....Peace!

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