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Character movement


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Hey How about Making the characters sit on furniture, lay on beds, go to prone position. Would help in crawling under things. how about climbing and jump climbing?


How about the use of the characters left hand what happened to that?


Also 3rd person view that would be nice.


and Finally you put the walking dead skins on there for the players how about different skins for the Zombies?

you can go to Classic to 28 weeks later Zombies to return of the living dead to the walking dead zombie skins oh and more variety of zombies for console. You guys concentrate on scenery I would like to see more character and Zombie Preferences and differences,


Also different actions for Zombie ie. grabbing, biting, jumping in a better fashion, also the Zombies when the climb on each other is kinda horrible they should lay on each other and be trying to climb on top of each other like in WWZ.


Just trying to make you PIMPS see the little things Matter Making Paint tools and turning the graphics so the sand is easier to see isn't as exciting as character movement, if the zombies moved better it would be a better game. also when you upodated you lowered the Zombie count on hoard nights this is horrible, I used to be horrified on the 7th day now its pretty boring, was wondering if you can either put another difficulty or put more Zombie count with BEars and more dogs more feral more screamers and so on

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They're probably not going to put strippers on the consoles due to consoles being easy and accessible to children. Also, it's not the Fun Pimps who decide what to put in the console version. That's Telltale Games/Iron Galaxy.


This is why it's important to put console suggestions in the console section. The "right people" aren't going to see this.

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