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why the hell is this not working


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I tried doing this as Holding a bow, no dice so I stripped it down to any weapon. Vultures are listed as a zombie in the entityclasses.xml but even so I tried AnimalKill and Zombiekill.


Nothing I have tried makes it so it updates when you kill a vulture. Any weapon it always lists as 0 killed when you kill any amount.





<quest id="challenge_vulture" name_key="This challenge is for the birds" subtitle_key="You think Stephen King had it bad?" description_key="Kill some vultures using a bow and arrows.-O.B.E.4." icon="ui_game_symbol_zombie"

repeatable="true" category_key="challenge" offer_key="Kill some vultures using a bow and arrows. Don't think; just do. -O.B.E.4." difficulty="medium">

<objective type="Time" value="600" optional="true" />

<objective type="ZombieKill" id="animalZombieVulture" value="6" />



<reward type="SkillPoints" value="1" />

<reward type="SkillPoints" value="1" optional="true" />


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This might be stupid... but try adding this to the animalzombievulture entity listing...


<property name="Faction" value="undead"/>


The zombie dogs have that and they use <objective type="ZombieKill" id="animalZombieDog" value="4" /> for the dog days challenge.

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