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Random World Generator - Overhaul Fix


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Random World Generator Overhaul Fix

Ver. 1.0.0

Single Player/Dedicated Server First Edition


EAC must be disabled


This MOD fixes Random World Generation in various field.

Though, itself don't change world generation from vanilla.

So, this is the MOD for RWG modders.






Change list

Terrain Generation

  1. Module type Perlin is available.
  2. Turbulence accept seed_additive.
  3. base_height is working better. (need more fix on distant terrain, POI)


Hub Generation

  1. street_gen level is working. * PLEASE START WITH 4 !! *
  2. path_radius for hub is working.
  3. downtown_zone_size_perc is working.




TO DO list:

High Priority

Distant terrain based on base_height

POI generation based on base_height

Medium Priority

SDX patch script to reduce maintenance cost

Instruction for each fix

Low Priority

Fix wrong attribute name with correct one (noise_quality source_module1)

Won't Do

Implement biome_intensity (This need from scratch. no reality.)

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About street_gen level :


Setting this higher than default value, 4, badly affect generation time/ memory consumption. Both of them increase exponentially.

So, best way is to start with 4.


Although hub generation is done nicely without the street_gen level, setting the higher level sometimes helps hub generated the larger.

Good cases are such as...,

  1. Hub surrounding/ detouring mountain or lake
  2. Extremely large hub (Large enough to fill entire cell)
  3. Dense road generation (All intersections are generated as crossroad)


Here is an example of how level affect hub generation, which is surrounded by mountain.



Skyblue area is where hub can grow at max.











NOTE: my laptop has crushed at level=6, desktop should be able to use 6 and more.



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