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New feature: Utility item slots


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It would be nice to have something like utility slots in addition to the equipment slots, toolbelt and inventory. These could be used for items that are attached to a person and grant passive abilities, needed to perform certain recipes and use certain items. Here are some possibilities: - Tools like saw, hammer, screwdriver and so on, needed to create certain items - Can opener: allows to open (and therefore use canned food. Bone shiv and hunting knife could also be used but consuming canned food would take more time with these - Compass: Remove compass from the UI and make it unlockable via item - Mobile Radar: Brings the mini map back to the game, should show all life forms in the same color, better version could distinguish between living or dead - Some other kind of sensoring system could be used to add the stealth indicator - Walkie-talkie: Could be used to enable voice chat or get messages and quests from NPC survivers - Mobile Radio/MP3 Player: To listen to some music while exploring, mobile radio could attract zeds - Tracker: Friends can see your position on the map and compass while on the minimap friends see you in a different color. Could also be placed on the ground to create waypoints which can be seen on the minimap and map (different color). A new mode could be added in which after death your dead body starts walking with your belongings. If you had a tracker in one of your utility slots you are able to track your corps on the compass/map/minimap. This would add a lot of steps to work towards that make your life a lot easier when reached. I especially like the idea of gaining more sensory information via items.
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