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Gore Wood Log Spike


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With the upcoming gore blocks I'd wish they have some special interaction with the Wood Log Spike traps. Like if a zombie dies on a Wood Log Spike it could be transformed to a Gore Wood Log Spike. This block doesn't deal damage until it is cleaned up with a shovel what transforms the block back to a Wood Log Spike. This way durability damage of zombies against Wood Log Spikes could be decreased so that most of the time you have to clean your spikes instead of replacing them. With the upcoming smell system Gore Would Log Spikes would ofc also attract more zeds so cleaning them up has high priority. One additional advantage would be that it would need 1 more gore block to climb walls with Wood Log Spikes next to them because the first gore block merges with the spike. This would give Wood Log Spikes a clear purpose: good right next to walls, especially against low numbers of zeds. A lot weaker against large hordes. Maintaining them would be more enjoyable, too.
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