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Zombie spawn


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And I'm still saying it should just be the claim block preventing sleeper/random spawns. No need for any extra device and I don't think it should be hard to obtain as well, as basing in POIs is usually an early game thing.

Or make it hard to craft, maybe even not craftable and only lootable, but at least always keep the first free claim you get when starting a new game, which will be enough for a small POI to start in.


Whatever might be introduced in the game to make POIs usable again, most importantly it has to work while you're offline too.

The bedroll works, but what good is it when I'm offline for a while, some other player passes my POI-base and sleepers spawn and wreck my place from the inside? :D


Edit: Seems like we have the needed device already, at least for sleepers – https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?81894-What-are-the-full-zombie-spawn-mechanics&p=797785&viewfull=1#post797785

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I have anothother thought in that matter:

I know of course that in vanilla there should not be the possibility to put down more than one active bedroll regarding spawn-prevention. but can this be modded? can the property "zombie spawn prevention" be added to other blocks or items via xml? that would really help on our coop server where we have several small hideouts in different cities...any ideas/thoughts?


I was just wondering about having something that had a negative effect on heat generation. That seems like you could easily code and item to do that if running a forge generates x heat, could you make an item that reduced the smoke and soot from the chimney and make the heat generated = .5x


Going even further, an island surround by water should also have less heat generation due to the improbable horde wandering through the lake to you. Islands SHOULD have better defenses by their very geography, but correct me if I am wrong, they don't.

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Islands SHOULD have better defenses by their very geography, but correct me if I am wrong, they don't.


If anything, I find islands more difficult to defend because you can't see the zombies coming well when they're underwater.


If you look at the zombie genre, some types of zombies avoid water or are no good in it, and other types of zombies will slog right across the bottom (or even swim a little) and still be attracted to the light and noise of the humans. 7 Days to Die just seems to be one of the latter, unfortunately.

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