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Special Zombies


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[Moved from https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76939-PS4-Version-1-17-No-Feral-Zombies/page2 by Clare]


:upset: On the topic of no Ferals, i've been playing for 42, 120 min long days, (restart around begin of year). I've only seen a hand full of ferals, but no other specials, ive only died 3x. There are a ridiculous amount of screamers (i even get them in the day time), but no special zombies (Cops,ferals,Bikers, etc.). I'm in the large town with pop'n pills hospital. Can anyone tell me if i'm, in a sorta neutral zone, or mabey i should restart again, or simply if FPimps hasn't implemented all the A1.16 special zombies onto PS4 yet.

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Hi KingAdam,


I moved your post into it's own thread as the post you had commented on was from November of last year. Please note that necroposting / revival of old threads is against forum rules (especially when there has been an update since the original post) and I didn't want you to be flagged for doing so :) Please be careful of the age of posts you comment on in the future and you are welcome to link back to any post you feel is relevant in any new thread you start.


To clarify, as ZombieHoG mentioned above, new Zombies were not added by Iron Galaxy (those doing the port) on console yet. These include the cowboy, stripper, farmer, bloated walker, solider, hazmat, utility worker, biker etc.


You should however be able to see cops in a town. What level are you at? Have you killed many Zombies in your 42 days?



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