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Molotov Cocktails


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One thing I noticed the game is missing is the molotov cocktails, Why well its simple, With all the chemicals and alcohol left in houses and barns in a zombie apocalypse and all the glass bottles people have you should be able to mix up a molotov cocktail, Which I believe would be great if done correctly, you already have the correct graphics in game you just need to change them around a bit to work as a cocktails. Use Torch Flames, Turn them up to be a bit bigger and start the flames at the zombies waist line. Use Pipe Bomb throwing to hit zombies with it. Use Smoke from Supply Crates make it smaller so its not so high up and a darker color like fabric burning and start it around chest line of zombies. I believe it would look great in game with just them three graphics added so the cocktail shouldn't be too hard to make. BTW, Make it so the zombies change from what they are to a charred type of zombie as it moves on fire to you and then finally falling to the ground after so long of burning and walking. Maybe even make it so the flames confuse the zombies making them stop chase you and walk around like they can not find you because of the flames and smell on their body.
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