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Server Crashed without msg´s


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Linux Ubuntu 16.04 64bits

Server modded


-CoppisAdditions 4.0

-BCManager 2.4.0

-ScriptingMod 1.0 in auto-repair

-ServerTools 4.1

Seed: believe

Secure point of fails: 7440S 1648E


The server has been modded by us for more than 1 year and they have always worked correctly. But since 1 month ago, we had to make a wipe because the map was corrupted. Or so we believe.

More than 90% of the map discovered and everything worked well. But ... one day ... people were trying to cross some quad of Region, (which had already been discovered for a long time), and ... everything was paralyzed, as if there was a lot of lag. After 10 seconds the server goes down and in the logs there are no messages of any failure.

We made a wipe thinking that for some reason the map was corrupted but ... after 121 days the new wipe is happening again. Suddenly, the southern areas, about 6000 to 7000 South begin to "get corrupted." When entering the same point all the time, the server falls without giving a single message of any failure.

The fail started 1 week ago at one point. Now, as if it were a virus, there are several points on the map. Some coincide with the wasteland biome, or so we think.

The rgmixer is that of the combopack29.

Any tool to see where the fault comes from?

I am quite desperate and disillusioned not to find the fault. :crushed:


PD. Now now also happens in areas of north and burnt biome. It is general.



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Well on initial reading my guess would be hardware failure. But after searching I found the following and found it curious that: "GUI/Unity crashing in 16.04 LTS after updates 2018-01-04, compiz segfaults"

Apparently that update was almost a month ago... There are fixes and such found at:




I am also curious as to why you have soo many 'server' tools and such? Is it necessary to have all of them? I mean Doesn't almost any one of those do almost everything that you could possibly need? I wouldn't even know if they're all compatible with each other.


A side note would be to "entirely wipe" the server and start over again as it was before the first crash, that is if you have backups.

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