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I am falling


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I have tried to get into a "Anti Cheat" server using the anti cheat launcher. I can play for about two mins and I fall into the map and freeze up. At first I thought that having different mods on the Mod Launcher might have something to do with it when I by passed it and used the Anti Cheat launcher. So...I deleted the whole game and reinstalled it. Installed from Steam, clean install no mods. I go into the server and the same thing happens. Any idea?

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But the instructions are literally in the sticky threads.


For logs...

[h=3]Sticky: IMPORTANT ---- Please Read Before Creating New Threads ----[/h]

For help with a traceroute....

[h=3]Sticky: SUPPORT FAQ: Information and Common Solutions[/h]You will still need to get the IP for the server from the server list, or from whatever friend you are connecting to.

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