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Information about how to modify world generation for more water


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I am working on recreating a city from a different game and part of it requires a harbor area. Unfortunately, it is difficult to randomly generate large areas of water with any reliability. I am also wanting to not have too many biomes in the city itself to avoid differences in colors and weather within the city itself.


So, what I am looking for is a world generation xml file edit that allows larger 'plains' biomes, larger 'lake' biomes, and smaller other biomes. The building area I am looking for is about 2km x 3km for the size of the building area and would like to not have strange random biomes popping up in that area.


The size of the world itself isn't terribly relevant. I can edit the world size to allow a large enough to build the city.


This should be possible just editing the world generation xml file, and was wondering how you masters of doing so would suggest I go about editing the file to achieve the results I have specified.


Thank you.

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