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I've created a simple planning app that you can run through your browser.


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Link here!


Hey! I've been playing a lot of 7 Days to Die lately, and when wanting to build new buildings I've came across the challenge that there is no (that I could find) apps that help me do this. So after a few builds from which I drew on paper I then thought why not just make my own! And here boys and girls, it is!


The app really is nowhere near finished, it needs a lot of polishing and more testing but the base is there and works perfectly!


Controls are simple: 1-0 for the "floor levels", left click the block from the blocks part to choose, right click to remove it, scroll the mouse wheel to rotate the block, left click on the grid to place a block, right click that block to remove it.

I added a system that allows you to see whats under the current floor, so you can see where your walls are, or floors etc. This grid can also be used for front views as well as top down, depending on how you look at it.


Any help please feel free to ask here, facebook or my steam, I'll link it all below!


DOWNLOAD: Link here!


More to come :)


Images (more on GJ):






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That looks interesting, especially the resource counter.


Can you zoom/move the area for building something less modest? =)


One suggestion would be to have a claimstone area you can superimpose and turn on/off. That's always a consideration.

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