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Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night...


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Yep. Just make the class book, do that then get the mastery book.


You can master every single one if you want to put the time in. :)


Also folks, got home yesterday, passed out for like... 18 hours. Only just woke up an hour and a half ago so I'm slowly going through messages and stuff.


I need more coffee... thank god the shop is 24hr.,


That is awesome. But it needs a lot of skill points to get mastery in specific class. Iam just curious, with the lvl cap to 200, do we will be able to have some other skills on decent levels? So far, I have noticed that there is no skill points for doing quest from trader. We only get 4 skill points per lvl. So we need to choose carefully on what we want to spend points, I guess it was intened isnt it?:)

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It is intended.


The survivalist class gets a radio that lets you craft ANY quest from the vanilla game, and those give skill points. There's also a book in the mod that gives +1 generic skill point, and you can craft that for 60 skill notes (30 at the writing desk). :)


So plenty of ways to get skill points. Also those 30 point perks DO drop as books. It's just rare and I wanted to give players multiple ways to obtain them.

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Ok, current plan for this week now windows is reinstalled again...


Looking at dual-booting with Ubuntu so I can test out the mod on Linux. I'm also planning a possible patch for friday. Only a small one, going to put the 1.8 rwgmixer back in since people seem to be having issues with that, may also patch biomes to decrease some of the plants a bit and I'm gonna work on trying to make sure each wilderness has 1 military camp if possible.


So only minor things. :)

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For Linux users.


Dual-booting with Ubuntu 18.04.


The inability to load the mod appears to be related to the new background image, because the game just loads the original one or straight up crashes. New music works though.


Current workaround: ONLY copy the 7DaysToDie_Data/Managed folder, Data and Mods. This will allow the mod to work, but you won't have the new title screen and music.


I'll investigate this more now I have a working Linux build. :)

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V1.8.1-C is out! Technically these are small tweaks, but they also change the world a lot.


- RWGMixer edited. Cities now very likely to spawn at 0,0. More wilderensss POI's added. "Empty Spaces" mostly eliminated in cities (you may get some house repetition, but at least cities look more complete).

- Biomes edited. Reduced the amount of vegetable and fruit tree spawns in the wild. You can still find them, they just aren't as common.

- Localization edited. Trader quests now show what you need to do before you buy them.


New save needed for the RWGMixer edits, but biome edits will take effect on unexplored areas. Entirely up to you if you want to restart. :)

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Well I wouldn't go THAT far. :D


I'll still be developing in windows, because I'm more familiar with it, but now I can toss it on one of my drives, boot into linux and test.


Generally problems in linux are very seldom. I have played multiple versions of ravenhearst, wotw and valmod in linux and except for a path problems with valmod ~2 years ago in A15 I never had any problems.


So I normally don't expect any problems and now I expect it even less so.

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Hey Khaine, I really like this mod and want to get it running right but I am having an issue. I actually got a server setup through BlueFang and used the Mod Manager to install it, however I am getting really bad flickering and shaking. It is severe enough that it is distracting and tough to aim.


I don't think its the server since it still happens in SP and it can't be distance related since its happening at the spawn or really close to the center. I didn't have this issue with Vanilla and I checked my vanilla build again and its just my modded setup with Darkness Falls.


I don't have any other mods installed and I setup with all the basic options from the Mod manager. Really looking forward to getting a fix.

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First of all. This IS a GOOD mod. And I have played it before and had some issues then to....


With that said, I cant play it. The staritng music lags me out and when the game starts it's unbearable. This mod needs better PC's than mine. And mine isnt that old. Anyways, nice mod but unplayble on slightly old PC's

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Okay. Try this.


Delete everything in the 7DaysToDie_Data folder EXCEPT for the Managed folder (this is the version downloaded manually or the version downloaded from the launcher).


That will get rid of the menu music and the new background for a start. Also make sure you have the UMATextures folder downloaded. If you don't, that causes SUPER lag in the menu and in the game. :)


EDIT: For the record, I'm developing and running it on a mid-range gaming laptop from 2013. So pretty much any PC from then onward SHOULD be fine.

Edited by KhaineGB (see edit history)
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