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Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night...

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On 9/7/2020 at 8:19 PM, KhaineGB said:

Boot vanilla, make sure you have A19b180 (listed in the top right corner), then try this.

Awesome :) I'll have to find that later and have a look.


Thanks for the incredible amount of work you put into this MOD, I dont have a pile of hours into vanilla or DF but appreciate how it expands the game 10X more than vanilla. In the quoted video you have installed DF onto a copy of 7 days. Does this mean that you can still play vanilla through STEAM and if so when an update comes out DF will auto install it but the copy will have to be manually installed?

I have dual copies at the moment. DF is on my Steam accessed copy and vanilla is my copy (opposite of yours i guess but the opposite didn't work) DF works fine but vanilla gets a lot of console actions/exceptions when i try to play it. It still plays but some POIs cant be accessed and it has a problem with trader_bob .png file etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers,

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Hi, I've been playing the mod for a couple of days now and noticed that all arrows disappear after they been fired, also there is no way to pick them back up afterwards, so my question is this, can they be made to be picked back up after firing them I.E after I kill a zombie or miss my shot and it goes into the ground?

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First time trying this mod and loving it - thanks!


Does anyone know of how to fix low res textures? Most things are displaying in high res but certain things like loot boxes, forge etc are very low res. If I play around with the video settings I can get it to display in a better resolution but it doesn't seem to stick and ends up reverting to low res again. I know a fix was to turn off Texture Streaming but I can't see that option. Also, the same settings run fine in Vanilla and the textures look ultra quality.


Any help appreciated.




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3 hours ago, KhaineGB said:

There's a console command for that. I don't remember what it is off tne top of my head, so if anyone else spots this and DOES know, pleas let us know!

OK, cheers. The Half texture setting is working now so will stick with that.


Finally, my tried and tested base design that is OP in Vanilla is actually getting a proper hammering in this awesome mod! The difficulty and overall game balancing is great. Love it.

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Great job as usual Khaine with A19.


Man, I don't know if it's just me that sucks at the game or what but A19 seems much tougher than 18 -- that's a good thing. I've been trying to play perma death and I haven't made it past day 12 yet on my 6th-7th attempt. 


There seems to be a consequence for everything you do.  Try to go melee to save those precious rounds.....go for until you get night stalker or small horde that is too much to handle. Bring out your guns....go for it but know that you may end up drawing even more Z's.


I'm freaking loving it! Up until now I've never tried to utilize the sneak perks (seemed useless) but I might just have to try it out here. 

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2 hours ago, belowzeros said:

anyone know if the boxing gym POI is in A19 DF?  Can't find one and I like to set my base up there.


good to hear about the heat map tweak, it's really aggressive

I THINK it is. Will check later.

1 hour ago, sammy095 said:

great mod this one!!!


is it just me or are the chicken coops not refilling?

I put 40 on a roof top and they refill exactly once and no more. waited at least 7 days 😉


You have to "reload" them with animal feed. I am pretty sure it's right-click.

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Every time I open up the 7DTD mod launcher and click Play Mod to open Darkness Falls, it gives me the "The following downloads will occur to install the mods for this server" message and recopies all the folders and all that. This takes several minutes to complete, and it didn't use to do that every single time I enter the game. Is that something new that I just have to deal with, or is there some way to get it to stop?


I'm not sure if I've left something checked in the launcher that I shouldn't have, or what. Can someone let me know how to stop this, if it's possible? Thanks in advance!

7dtd mod.png

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Is there something wrong!
I'll start with the main thing!
Spurs any soldier or anyone who risks his life with a weapon, you will not be understood!
A weapon that kills from the 30th shot !! THIS IS NOT A WEAPON!

Is it really hard to understand ??? I understand you children!
I understand that all your knowledge is DOOM, but you still need to think!
1. Weapon of the 1st grade - must kill initial zombies with 1-3 shots,
2. Weapons of the 2nd grade of ferrals
3. Green Ferrals Raid 3 Weapon!

Difficulty should not be determined by the number of bullets fired!
You need to make the monsters kill the player, on a simple level from 2-5 times, on average from 2-3 hits and on a difficult level 1-2 hits!

Played on high difficulty! For those who do not understand, this is 300% of experience!

On the first (7) night, 600 zombies came !!!!!!!!!!!!
Half of them are Banshees!
After the end of the horde, chants - Banshees - from 4 am to 7 am Shouted 570 green ferrals !!
It would be more! How can you kill 100 zombies if you need 20-30 shots for each? No weapon is capable of this!
I'm not an idiot! I took out the gun of the developers and killed everything!
In the radioactive zone, chants (banshees) screamed 1200! Zombies, and they walked, sewed, walked!
I couldn't run away, it was no longer a game but a turn-based strategy!
Again, a gun from a creotiv, from the developers, solved all the problems!
It only means odon! RAVE!
The firepower is simply not enough! I had all kinds of weapons, with armor-piercing bullets!
4. It is necessary to change the loot system, at high levels I am able to make red weapons and things!
In the loot, as before, only purple!
And why should I farm?

5.Degradation of weapons during repair-nonsense!
I just carry a spare set of kars weapons with me!
Repaired, it dropped to purple, I immediately take out the mods and insert them into the spare!
There is no point in repairing, everything loses in price very much. For all the passage I did not use the repair kit NEVER !!! What for???

If I didn't know before that there were suits with radioactive shielding, I ran to this area without him!
Now, everything is extremely simple.
Why do I need this zone ?? Yes, once I climbed into the bunker, found a laser workbench, and made a laser workbench on it! ALL!
 Why do I need to run to this area? Why search for supermonsters? I can already craft everything!

I believe that it is necessary to remove
-Adjust the balance of firepower, and life!
- degradation of weapons and things!
- change the merchant's assortment, well, there is absolutely nothing to buy at high levels, except for resources.
-Make red loot drop too! Otherwise, why farm.
-Make laser cutters and doors powered by electricity!
-Correct Russian translation, this is writing !!!!!
-I really want it like in another fashion, implemented, the change of seasons, with all the charms of the weather!
-Remove the army's powerful armor, with protection from radiation, whereas before it will be possible to run in titanium after taking pills! At the moment, with this armor, the radioactive zone seems to disappear!
-Decrease the number of monsters in the radioactive zone, and so the game is barely moving!

P.S. Oddly enough, I didn't find where to make titanium blocks, I found out about the lazar machine by accident!
Until level 185, NEVER met, portal and angels? And why are they needed now !?
Sorry for the quality of the translation. It's all google :)

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6 hours ago, KhaineGB said:

Pretty sure you have to click Pre-sync and wait cos it's a big download.

Me again. I did what you suggested and hit pre sync. It finished, and when I hit the play mod button it copied everything again! I don't get it.


We only have Darkness Falls installed, no modlets.


Do you have any other suggestions?

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