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Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night...

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I'm Playing Darkness falls from the 7dtd mod launcher and I'm having an issue with not being able to swap ammo type. Holding R wont open up the radial menu to choose a different ammo type. Has this happened to anyone else? I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the mod and launcher but still have the same problem. (I have made sure my steam copy is a18.4 stable and opted out of betas). Please help, cause I don't think I will survive long using only stone arrows. 😅


Edit. Okay I didn't realize someone else had the same thing happening (my bad for not reading through enough of the comments lol). Turns out its suppose to be like that for the primitive stuff 🤣

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i have to admit, i do love the dirtbike and MD-500 in War3z. the helo brings out my flight sim side. handling is much better than the vanilla gyro.


on a completely different note, i was having terrible frame rates sometimes in the single digits no matter how low i set the options. even went from 16 to 32 RAM no change. ran a test on the system and the CPU and NVMe SSD were under performing 7700K. while updating the BIOS noticed the CPU temp was 100C! turns out the pump in my AIO had died. now it runs near 100fps w/ all the bells and whistles turned up in the graphics.


is the A19 update for DF going to require a restart? apologize in advance if it has been asked before.


one complete run through and ready to hit the archer quest underground bunker/s ATM in the second playthrough


great mod and thanks for all the time it must have taken to produce.

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On 8/4/2020 at 10:45 PM, crapass said:

I do like this mod, but it nearly maxes out my memory and after about 20 minutes of playing, when the memory just completely fills up, I get those ghost blocks all over the world. The only way to fix it is to completely exit and restart the game.  rip


try increasing your windows page file.  I had to set mine at 40gb before the game was happy and not prone to crashes.  It's not uncommon that it uses 32ish GB of swap file with 16gb of physical memory.  It will swap assets in and out pretty smoothly, loading up initially is the only slow part but that is expected.

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I'm using 5-15GB size page file on a 32GB RAM system, which seems to make the game happy.

Was playing the mod on A19 in multiplayer with some of the testers last night. RAM usage for most of us (on a 10k map) didn't go above 3GB on A19b180.

So TFP did something to help with RAM usage. :)

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On 8/16/2020 at 6:51 AM, KhaineGB said:

I'm using 5-15GB size page file on a 32GB RAM system, which seems to make the game happy.

Was playing the mod on A19 in multiplayer with some of the testers last night. RAM usage for most of us (on a 10k map) didn't go above 3GB on A19b180.

So TFP did something to help with RAM usage. :)


wow that is quite the difference, that's amazing really

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On 8/17/2020 at 9:27 AM, KhaineGB said:

You can't because it's not out yet.

DF for A19 will not be released until A19 is in stable.

I specifically came looking for the DF mod for A19 as I didn't know when it was expected to drop so now I know.  I guess I'll have to hunker down and deal with vanilla until DF comes out. I enjoy this mod much more than just the normal game made by TFP.  In all honesty, if vanilla was all there was to play -- I'd find a new game. :)

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Darkness Falls V3 is now available for download and play on A19 STABLE. Changes as follows.


- Traders have an invisible "faction" stat, and will teach you skills as you level it.
- Farmer now unlocks the SMG with mastery and gains craft bonus with it. No longer has craft bonus with shotguns.
- Mechanic now unlocks the auto shotgun with mastery and gains craft bonus with all shotguns.
- Hunter now unlocks the Sniper Rifle recipe.
- Tweaked loot a little so Pistol/Double Barreled Shotgun/Hunting Rifle should now be easier to find.
- Added random supply crates mod.
- Added Sirillion's "No Crosshairs" mod (this mod is DISABLED by default, but can be turned on)
- Patched DF with "Hardcore Mode". This can be enabled by uncommenting code in Mods/1-DarknessFalls/Config/Buffs and Mods/1-DarknessFalls/Config/Entityclasses.
- Removed some unnecessary unity3d bundles.
- Added attack speed increase, stamina reduction and degradation reduction to bladed weapons (Knife Guy).
- Added AOE knockdown to sledgehammers (Pummel Pete).
- Added "Open Trade Route" quests to all traders (sends player to another trader)
- Added Coilshotgun + ammo. (localization needed)
- Reduced Coilguns perk from 3 levels to 2. (localization needs updating)
- Pulse Grenade finally returns from A16!
- Watch is now a glove-slot mod item, and gives a buff to the player that displays the time.
- Lowered headshot damage bonus on Better Lead Than Dead.
- Lowered head dismemberment chance on Better Lead Than Dead.
- Lowered damage bonus on automatic weapons action skill.
- Halved the degradation max of automatic weapons so they need repairing more often.

- Since TFP think the SMG is a pistol, it is now tagged as both pistol AND automatic (does benefit from pistol perks, does NOT benefit from Better Lead Than Dead).
- Removed ALL UMA zombies since they no longer worn in A19.
- Reworked all food values (vanilla and DF).
- Reworked farmer unlocks (Sous Chef and Master Farmer).
- Removed the A19 candy.
- Casino coin material changed from brass to iron.
- Reduced repair kit amount from 32000 durability (yes, that's vanilla) to 1000.
- Adjusted the Repair Time property of multiple other items so repairs should take at least 3 seconds (even for the wooden club)
- Increased repair time for repair kits from 3 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Changed repair kit recipe to make it more complex.
- Changed the medical bandage to use 1 normal bandage + 1 aloe cream instead of just cloth.
- Changed molotovs back to how they worked in A17 so they don't suck as much.
- Adjusted titanium armor so it's not better than military (since it's heavy armor).
- Changed Compound bow and Compound crossbow to scrap into polymers.
- Added a slow effect to the liquid nitrogen mod (works like sprained leg).
- Slightly lowered XP gain from harvesting (mining inclued) and upgrading.
- Added mobility and jump strength penalty to the M60 while held.
- Adjusted probability of schematics so there should be less duplicates.
- Hazmat clothing can now be crafted (unlocked by master scientist).
- Armor now has mods that work like hazmat clothes (unlocked with Science Crafting 5)
- Lowered rounds per minute of the M4A1 so it's better than AK/AR, but slightly less than the M60.

- Slightly lowered the damage of the coilrifle since it's a full auto weapon.
- Added a flamethrower.
- Lowered Armor Shredder buff to max 50%
- Lowered Armor Shredder buff duration to 10 seconds.
- Lowered Armor Shredder amounts to 5% per hit (was 10%).
- Changed Armor Shredder to require Science Crafting 5.
- Adjusted time deduction from the lockpicking skill to make it more useful.
- Removed some "on screen" settings for icons to reduce clutter.
- Added damage increase for stun baton weapons to Science Crafting.
- Animal snares and chicken coops now need to be "reset" with 1 animal feed.
- Chairs can no longer be picked up.
- Honey no longer works if your infection is stage 2 or higher (I believe it's currently 1, 2, 3, dead)
- All bullet tips now need a tool and die set.
- Brass bullet casings require a tool and die set (steel still needs crucible).
- Trader guards now do less damage on bloodmoons.
- Used TFP's new workaround to add additional explosive damage to all grenades, pipe bombs, dynamite, molotov and explosive arrows/bolts.
- Antivenom item added.
- Antivenom recipe added to Physician 3.
- Added Animal Poison Extract to snakes and spiders.
- Removed bones from Snakes and Spiders.
- Added 2x 8k maps (DFalls-Small), 2x 10k maps (DFalls-Medium), 2x 12k maps (DFalls-Large) and 1 16k map (DFalls-XLarge)

- Added sneak damage to all rifle weapons.
- Changed the starting "Go to trader" quest to pick ANY trader other than only ones in the forest (excluding wasteland).
- Since fortitude doesn't exist, sham chowder gives 10% damage reduction.
- Steroids give +10% damage to melee weapons in addition to increased carry capacity.
- Diazepam added. Gives +10% damage to rifle weapons.
- Removed increased zombie damage based on difficulty (except insane).
- Changed gamestage bonus based on difficulty to start from Nomad (Adventurer is the default)
- Food and water now decrease faster based on difficulty, starting from Nomad.
- Buff resistance to critical injuries is now reduced based on difficulty, starting from Nomad.
- Tweaked the soldier loot lists so players don't get military grade guns too soon (pistol more likely).
- The Survivor now reduce the base drain rate of food and water by 10% per level.
- From The Shadows moved out of the hunter class and is now tied to athletics.
- Demolitions Expert now increases the duration of burning buffs by 20%/lvl (Molotov, flaming arrow, flamethrower)
- Replaced stone tools in loot with scrap tools (because finding stone tools sucks).
- Special 'bloodmoon only' zombies added with less AI to help with performance (demons and custom entities are NOT done).
- Taza's items set to similar durability to steel.
- Added pipe pistol and pipe rifle to T0 weapon loot.
- Titanium tools rebalanced vs steel.
- Halved the amount of wood gained from harvesting fruit trees.
- Removed working vending machines from the world (still exist at traders).
- Added a loot list to broken vending machines.

- Scaled Food/Drink added (you will find less as your gamestage increases).
- Lowered brass amounts in loot by approx 50%.
- Added a backpack craftable version of the Mortar and Pestle to make it easier for the scientist to complete their class quest (takes more resources and time).
- Slightly lowered behemoth hand range to see if it helps with them derping out on blocks.
- Stone tools no longer gain bonuses from the Mining Tools skill, but DO level it.
- T0 items can no longer have mods installed (all stone, blunderbuss, primitive bow, bone knife, pipe weapons)
- Starting at T1 (iron+), items now gain a bonus from being higher quality.
-- Guns/Bows have more damage and max range.
-- Tools have faster attack speed and less stamina usage.
-- Melee weapons have faster attack speed and more damage.
- Increased base XP required to level from 11,000XP to 15,000XP.
- Reduced XP multiplier from 1.3 to 1.275.
- Hunter Quest 1 and Quest 2 changed (Quest 1 - make bow and arrows. Quest 2 - Kill 5 zombies with the bow).
- Mechanic Quest 5 changed to gathering parts.
- Mechanic Quest 6 changed to 'craft blunderbuss'.
- Blunt and Bladed weapons now have 5% stamina usage reduction per 20 levels of the appropriate action skill (first one gained at level 1, next at 21, then 41, etc).
- MIGHT have fixed the floating rifle nonsense.
- Made the loot quality templates smaller for performance reasons. May also give a better variety of items.
- Lowered the duration of average food and drink to 15 minutes.
- Any food that doesn't need a recipe to craft no longer gives a stamina bonus.
- Max Stamina Bonus is now granted based on average food/good food buff, with different durations depending on type of food.

- Most food should now display the max stamina bonus in their stats.
- Slightly lowered the stamina cost on scrap/iron/steel tools (only slightly).
- Slightly increased the stamina cost on all titanium tools and melee weapons so it scales better (still better than steel).
- Enabled SphereII's dynamic cave system.
- Changed molotov recipe to make them easier to craft so they're more viable for horde night defense.
- Added Bar Brawling as it's own 5-level perk. Localization not done atm, name may change.
- Traders should no longer give you their faction books as they shouldn't be needed.
- Added Scrap Iron Arrowhead.
- Added Scrap Iron Arrow.
- Added Scrap Iron Spear.
- Added Scrap Iron Knuckles.
- Added Scrap Iron Club.
- Added ability for the primitive bow to use Scrap Iron Arrows.
- Adjusted Stone and Iron arrow damage so it scales better with the new Scrap Iron Arrows.
- Added Advanced Insulated Liner and Advanced Cooling Mesh mods (should stack with the normal ones).
- Added new spider sounds from Xyth's creature pack.
- Added Power Hammer. (Future Tech Level 2 Unlock)
- Added Plasma Axe. (Future Tech 2)
- Added Titanium Blade Trap. (Master Laborer)
- Added custom model for the Plasma Baton.
- Changed how Gotta Go Fast works so it now adds a flat 5% movement speed per level of the perk.

- Added increased stamina regen to Gotta Go Fast while running.
- Removed Oxygen Optimization. Benefits added to Physical Conditioning.
- Removed Enhanced Immune System. Benefits added to Physical Conditioning.
- Accelerated Healing moved from Tech Boots to Bio Boosts.
- Removed Bullet Sponge. Created a new perk called Transhuman and benefits added to that.
- Transhuman gives bonuses to Entity Damage and dismemberment (for melee only), block damage and harvest count for tools.
- Added "A Human Turd"
- Changed shotguns from 10 range to 8, and 10 pellets to 8.
- Changed blunderbuss from 10 range to 6, and 10 pellets to 6.
- Armor Shredder mod can no longer be installed on shotguns.
- Slightly increased the damage of the coilrifle and coilsniper so it's very clearly more than the M4A1/M60.
- Slightly reduced the XP required to level the rifles action skill.
- Elemental Protection now provides immunity against most negative effects while active.
- Removed Eve from the burnt biome spawn.
- Eve now has her own prefab (DF_Quest_Prefab_03) which should spawn in the snow biome, assuming RWG doesn't screw up.
- Eve now respawns in her prefab like a trader.
- You now must return to Eve and talk to her to get her Quest 2 and Quest 3.
- Eve's quests can no longer be repeated by the same player.
- Added some houses from A16.
- Added the A18 stores.
- Added a new "explosives" group for Trader Joel so he's more likely to carry pipe bombs/molotovs/nail bombs/grenades (both types).

- Removed the "No Laborer Class" requirement from scrap crafting since that now unlocks the weapons.
- Added Blade Master perk.
- Lowered the level requirements of the Forge Ahead perk.
- Increased the block damage of both augers, but NOT harvest amounts to specialise it as more of a "mass clearance" tool. (20 to 40 for normal auger, 50 to 80 for titanium)
- All "drink" items now have an "open" option to empty them and get an empty jar back for players who wanted that feature.
- Traders now teach mastery perks (30 quests completed, 100k dukes)
- Changed the torch back to how it used to be (left click to attack, right click to place) since no-one seemed to be using the thrown version.
- Rebalanced wellness gains of food and drink to the level of perk they're locked behind. If they aren't locked, they give no wellness.
- Average/Good buffs for Food/Drink rebalanced. Anything with wellness 1-3 gives Average Food/Drink, and 4-5 gives Good Food/Drink.
- Reworked XP required to level weapon skills.
- Blessed metal gives a small damage bonus vs zombies as well as demons.
- Increased fuel capacity of the generator bank.
- Feel the Heat can now be installed in the SMG since it's TECHNICALLY a pistol.
- Slightly increased Lathe drop rates.
- Supply crates have a higher chance of high quality items vs looting in the world.
- Rebuilt assets for the large bunker, enabling "GPU Instancing" which helps with performance a little.
- Replaced wooden club in loot with scrap club.
- Replaced stone spear in loot with scrap spear.
- Replaced leather knuckles in loot with scrap knuckles.
- Replaced bone knife in loot with scrap machete.
- Replaced stone arrow in loot with scrap iron arrow.

- Edited some vanilla localization for Loading Tips so it makes more sense for the mod (like removing the statement of the stone axe repairing/upgrading things)
- Adjusted Car Battery and Small Engine drop chances.
- Added a drop chance for Car Battery and Small Engine to the last stage of cars (the un-lootable wreck).
- Fixed the wrench being unable to get engines/car batteries.
- Fixed the impact driver being unaffected by the Wasteland Treasures perk.
- Added Wellness and Trader Faction displays to Player Stats.
- Added some DF-specific loading screen tips.
- Quest tiers offered by traders are now based off the players faction with that specific trader.
- All quest tiers will be available when the player has unlocked them, so if you have unlocked T4, you can go back and do a T2.
- Added Journal note for Trader Faction system. This is added shortly after player spawn.
- Removed the "Weapon Test Loot" crate from the top of DFp_Firestation (by_Slick50).
- Slightly lowered the chance of finding a Laser Pistol/Laser Sword in the Sci Fi lockers to discourage bunker rushing.
- Removed green keycards from non-feral/non-radiated soldiers and hazmat zombies to discourage bunker rushing.
- Banana Bread can now be made by everyone.
- SLIGHTLY lowered gunpowder cost of the 44 magnum rounds.
- The Future Is Now can now be used from anywhere.
- Slightly increased damage of the 3 stun batons.


Client (Git): https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/darknessfallsa19client/-/archive/master/darknessfallsa19client-master.zip
Server (Git): https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/darknessfallsa19server/-/archive/master/darknessfallsa19server-master.zip


Client (GDrive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GI3GtGK8iXAhvazHcfWpCU-QXjYGAQ-H/view?usp=sharing
Server (GDrive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZwJ7JFGj_EJ7BEjF8oUhxRVBh_j4MV2v/view?usp=sharing


Nexus (Both): https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/235?tab=files

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