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Help! Advice needed to alter Zombies


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Hello and right away I want to thank everyone who can advise me on this as well as say sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.


I watched a video on how someone made the dire wolf have a radiated version with the special features that other radiated Z's had... such as bonus health and some healing.


I found the entity file on my server, this is for a server by the way and not on my personal PC, However I can not find any of the lines I seen on how he made the Dire-wolf become radiated.


In there theme of first responders to the catastrophic events that lad up to the situation in 7D2D I want to create a feral radiated Nurse to go along with the cop that is already that way.


Can someone help me with this? How would I go about this. I am wanting to learn this so any advise is appreciated.


Thank you all for your time.



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