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7 Days to die crashing upon joining any game online/LAN


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PC Specs:

Intel Core i7 620M @ 2.67GHz

8GB DDR3 (1333MHz)

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M


Windows 10 64-Bit


I tried re-installing several times and verifying files but the same things keeps happening. It use to work on an older version of 7 days to die (Can't rememeber version) fine but now as soon as the loading screen is done it just crashes to desktop without any errors.


If there is anything I'm missing let me know! Thanks!



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340 series of NVIDIA drivers are known to have these issues. You'll have to either update to newer drivers or if not available downgrade to even older ones.

Could be that the newer Unity engine doesn't hit that bug in the drivers but it's not yet known when the update will be released.

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