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Need Help for config WellnessMax and create custom armor !


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HI everyone ! I need to know if its possible to do two things or maybe three ?


One is :Is it possible to edit/config the wellnessMax because here i see topic for wellness Min so i think maybe its possible for max

because i do an rpg like server and i kneed to go off this limit ! If you can explain me how do this you are very friendly ^^ !


two is :Is it possible to edit/config the stats of armor like blockdamage/hp/damage(for weapons)/movementspeed(for boots) ? and if yes how can i do this ?


three is for the player stats in général like édit them or qame for stuff ?


Last thing : Its possible to make an block or safe zone where the block are only breakable by admin or higher ? if yes how can i make a tool for it (zombie cant break and human too only people with this tool can break it)


A real thank for all people who read me and if they can answer my question !


See yah ! Korotsu (ps : sorry for my bad english im french ^^)

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