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PS4 no PSN connection


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I am having an issue with the game. I played earlier this morning and logged off. But when I tried to play again today I’m getting a error stating that I am not connected to the PSN network. I checked my psn network and I’m connected. And I tried the game on my wife’s profile on the same PS4 and the game worked. I’m not sure what is going on but I really want to play.!!!!



Can anyone help please

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Hi Silloh09,


I am sorry you were having issues with connecting to the PSN network, according their their site the network should be back but you may need to restart your console in order for your PS4 to connect.


If you continue to have issues please let me know, however if you have details with other games, not just 7DTD, then it is PSN, not us.


Kind regards,



Funkinstein - thanks for the heads up about the outage!

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