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[Xbox] [Instantaneous Death] Killed by nothing?


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Set Up


Game Type: Survival SP

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: King

Disk or Digital: Disk

DLC: None

Character: Clint

Difficulty: Insane

Run: Always Run

Aggression: Feral

Day Length: 16 Hours

Drop On Death: Everything

Enemy Memory: 60

Enemy Spawning: Medium

Block Durability: 100

Loot Respawn Time: 30

Loot Abundance: 100

Air Drops: 0

24-Hour Cycle: 50

In-game Day: 42


Step By Step


It's Day 42. I do not allow myself to die in this game. If I die, I delete, and start a new save. I'm a big, big, purist, nerd.


Loaded the game at 7:45 on Day 42. The previous evening (in game and real life) I spent organizing my secure loot boxes and building forges, wrenches, etc. in preparation to move to a new camp.


At 7:50 I jumped off my base (The Orchid Hotel at a crossroads in a forest biome) onto my 4x3 landing pad of hay bales, as I have done hundreds of times before. As I fell, I ducked to see if there were zombies around, but was undetected. I get on my nearby bike (nearly perfect, high 500's for all parts) and turned the corner to head to a nearby town. The path is smooth, grassy, terrain. Zero threats.


And then...


The Bug


Within a second I am dead. 164 Health/Wellness. Armor in the high 30's/low 40's. Dark forest biome. There was absolutely nothing around that could have caused a death.


After the shock wore off, I spawned on my bedroll, and jumped back down to investigate WTF could have happened. Still, no threats. Found my backpack nearby with everything in it. My minibike wasn't where I died. I followed the icon on my compass to find the bike a few dozen meters away, slowly moving forward. Checked on it and most pieces are at 0. The Level 600 battery is at 80%. The level 600 engine is down to about 5%. Previously, everything had been nearly perfect.




I've attached images. First is the site of the death, second is my nearby landing pad, and the third photo is where I encountered my mini bike still moving away from my base.



I've been playing this game for quite some time and I can't think of a single thing I did to cause this death. It's hard to say this is a bug, as the game didn't crash or glitch, but it's the only explanation I've got. Not even a pack of dogs could have killed me that quickly.


Let me know if you need any other information, if you think of something I did wrong, or if perfect minibikes have a habit of spontaneous combustion. Already started a new save, but ought to know if I'll never fulfill my goal of building an epic base without dying.







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Hi Tango Bango,


Thank you so much for the detailed bug report. From the effects on the bike and the instant death it sounds like you hit a mine - however in the dark forest, no noticeable damage to the area where you died this is seriously unlikely.


I'm not sure what could have caused this, I shall pass it onto the team to investigate to see if we can find anything that may have contributed to your death. Can you can confirm for me the capitalisation of your seed name "King" is correct and let me know the co-ordinates of where your base is and where you died?



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For sure! Certainly has the symptoms of a mine, just without the audio and the aftermath. Regardless, it was a path I had taken many times before without issue. Unless mines randomly generate, there would be no mine there.


Yep. The "K" is capitalized and the rest is lower case.


Coordinates are 1274 S 347 E. It's the dark forest at a crossroads with an Ostrich Hotel and a Pass n' Gas. The only customization I made with the ground near that spot is two rows of digging, but did not destroy any ground blocks. Just broke them down to 7/250.


Let me know if you/they need anything else!





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Did a zombie scratch ya prior to all this? There is delayed affects to zombie bites where ya die like 20 hours or whatever later. I was gonna suggest a land mine but in the green biome don't believe there is any there. Unless ya went from forest biome to wasteland.

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Before I got patches and updates.


I had similar thing happen to me on day 30....i went across a bridge like I do like days before that and suddenly my hp drop and died for no reason....and than I start over and end up dieing again on other days...one I was looking and other cutting down a tree and even died by a falling boulders inside my base and than I finally suffer never ending uplaoding...so I pay for one hour Wi-Fi to update my console and now I haven't had a issue besides my items in hospital turning to blocks or sofas...but if you die unfair you can plus and hit quit in menu before you die all the way and reload back in and chance it saved with no death but it cost you 15 no and stamina points and you spawn little ways from your corpse but you also might fall to your death and have repeat to you land...but not won't record has death.

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