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MD5 error


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Difficulty: Adventurer

Zombies run: Default

Agro: Default

Daylight: 18

Drop on death: everything

Drop on Quit: Nothing

Enemy memory: 60

Spawns: high

Block durability: 100

Loot abundance: 100

Air drops: 24 hrs

24 hour cycle: 50mins

Bike icons: On

Cheat mode: off

Map: Navezgane.

Seed name: Nav


Location 1102 N 1089 E


Happened on Day 55 after a crash in the base around 2:00 logged back on and half the base is missing 😭😭😭


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Hi Rahl38,


I have moved your post to a new thread as the post you had commented on was old and necroposting / revival of old threads are frowned upon on the forums. As you were not the original revive of the post I decided to move your comment out to a fresh thread anyway to prevent any confusion as my last comment on that thread from some time ago - two posts above yours - mentioned necroposting not being allowed on the forums.


Thank you for providing your details about your MD5 error, I am sorry to hear this error effected your save. In case you have not see it, there is a player found workaround players say helps avoid MD5s - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) - as this is an unofficial workaround that involves deleting data, caution is advised.



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