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So I’m new to the forums but I use to play this game. Past tense. I’ve had an underground base I had worked on and off for about a yearish. Suddenly boom everything was gone. So I decided to look on the forums here to see if there was a fix or if anything was done about this error and for over a year (noticed through this and other older forum md5 reports) nothing has been done. I don’t even understand how it can be legal to continue selling a product to a user without a disclaimer to the buyer that your world has a decent chance of being totally erased. That isn’t fair to the consumer and it’s not just that but there have been reports on it for over a year. I really enjoyed the time I played this game but I doubt I will ever pick it up again because I lost to much time and effort to allow myself the punishment of the md5. So please, give me some kind of comfort and don’t give me a generic answer like, “ The team is working on it.” I want to know how soon it’ll be fixed and if the loss so many consumers have already experienced is gonna finally be appeased.

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Hi Trosclairdm1marine,


I have moved your post to a new thread. Please be careful about commenting on older threads in the future as Necroposting / revival of old threads is against forum rules and the comment above yours in the original thread mentioned this.


I am sorry to hear you were hit by an MD5 error. Since the appearance of the MD5 error, which has multiple triggers, many of the updates released by the team contained fixes for these errors even if they were not mentioned in the main patch notes. The team also added in an analytics system to track the MD5 error which showed a significant reduction in the appearance of the errors. I understand however, that this may not be of great comfort to anyone effected by the MD5 error, but progress has been made by the team. Unfortunately due to the nature of this error and the multiple triggers that cause it, I can not give an estimate for a final fix, however there are workarounds that can help avoid these resets.


If on PS4, you can backup your save regularly to the the PS4 cloud or on a USB.


If on XB1, unfortunately the XB1 system does not allow the backup of saves externally, and their cloud saves back up rather quickly. Players have found a workaround that if used immediately can help prevent a wipe. This is an unofficial workaround and as it involves deleting data, caution is advised. Details can be found here - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets)


As not everyone experiences the MD5 errors the team greatly appreciate those who provide the details of how the error occurred for them, as all information can help towards fixing these issues. If you wish to add your details, please do so in this thread.



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