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Constant game crashes - Private game


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I’m the host of a private Navezgane server and I play consistently with 2 other people. The game has always crashed relentlessly, but it seems to be getting worse the further into the game we go.


When the game crashes, it will go 2 ways: Either the screen freezes and I have to shut the game down manually, or it will crash instantly into a black screen that will take me to the Xbox dashboard shortly. Whenever it crashes, it only crashes for me(the host). My friends never crash.


Is there anything I can do to limit the crashes? It’s caused 3 MD5’s over 70 days and my friends and I start cussing like sailors the second the game crashes now. Quickly losing the motivation to continue with this game.

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Hi Gravoc,


Sorry for the delay in getting to your post.


I am sorry to hear your save is being effected by regular crashes and that they have caused MD5s for you. Can you tell me how much you've modified the world (large mines, buildings etc)?


Certain items, like lights, torches and tree farms can cause a build up in lag which may increase the frequency of the crashes. Can you tell me how long it is between crashes, and if you notice if you're in a particular area when the crashes occur?


I understand how disheartening these crashes are, especially when followed by MD5 errors. As you on XB1, there is a player found workaround that players have said helps them avoid MD5 errors after crashes - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) (This is an unofficial workaround so caution is advised as it involves deleting and redownloading save data) - I know this is not idea, but it may help reduce some of the frustration that comes with the crashes.



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