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Sound Designer Available for Mods


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Hello Everyone,


My name is James and I'm a Sound Engineer, Composer and Sound Designer with 9 years experience working on a range of projects including; recording, mixing, live sound, film audio, audio / visual art and game audio. I've been playing 7 Days to Die for just over a year with many hours racked up and I've also taken the time to play some fantastic mods that the community has made. I've recently come to a bit of a transitional point in my career where I'm no longer focused on live sound and instead wanting to get back into games audio so I'm looking to bolster my portfolio.


I am proficient using a broad range of audio hardware and software, including industry standard software such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Wave Labs and software plug-ins from Native Instruments, Soundtoys and Multimedia. I have a large sample library which I've recorded over the years available for projects in need of sound or sound design.


If you're a modder and want some original audio then send me a PM. I can help with anything from zombie sounds to weapon discharge and impact SFX.


You can listen to my sound design show reel here and my music show reel here.



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Thank for what You introduce myself !

I think the sound for 7DtD a very important component.

I have some artistic skills in graphics, but the sound is what i really love, but, he is not subservient to me. So I am very happy that finally, there are specialists in the field of sound.

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