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I just lost everything


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I’m brand new to this game and have experienced several glitches and crashes that i put up with. I have overlooked and accepted all of these because it’s so fun and it’s still in development. However, one i will not accept is when exactly what happened to me, happened before well over a year ago and it’s still not fixed. I was in the middle of mining in my underground base when my game crashed, which I assumed no big deal. I was completely wrong! Upon reloading, almost my entire 6X6 upper base was just gone, not destroyed but GONE! Then I figure out the entirety of my underground base is no longer there either. Underground was MASSIVE, probably totaling 50X50 if you add up the multiple levels and extensions. I’ve spent well into the hundreds of real world hours on this game and now all those hours were a complete waste of time seeing as everything i had crafted, gathered, found, or stocked up on, is now 100% gone! I am absolutely in shock and beyond angry that this could possibly happen. I wasnt in a city, I was just outside Gravestowne and had zero issues like this and I’ve been gone for days on end. This reset happened when i was literally INSIDE my underground base.

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Hi JPkilla8116,


Sorry for the delay in responding to your post.


The error you are describing is an MD5 error. This is where part of the save reverts back to the Day 1 state. They can occur anywhere on the map, but players usually notice them occurring in areas like bases. While there have been multiple triggers for this issue currently the most common trigger is from the game crashing.


I understand the level of frustration, disappointment and anger that this error can cause and I am sorry this has happened to your save. Since the appearance on the MD5 error and it's multiple triggers, the team have been working on fixing triggers that can cause the MD5 errors. They also added in an analytics system for tracking the MD5 error. These analytics show that with each fix released in a patch (patches in the past have often included MD5 fixes without mentioning them in the main notes) the number of MD5 errors has greatly reduced. I know this might not be a great comfort to those who have been hit by an MD5 error, like yourself, but I want to let you know work is being done and progress is being made. The team still see this error as a high priority and are working to fix the persisting causes.


There are some workarounds that may be able to help against future MD5 errors. As you did not mention while console you are playing on, I have included both below.


PS4 - Regularly backing up a save file to the cloud or a USB device. This can allow reverting to a recent save should an MD5 error hit.


XB1 - Unfortunately the XB1 system does not allow backing up to external drives, and the cloud saves can update fast. However, players have found a workaround which works for them the majority of the time. The details of this workaround can be found here - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) - please note however that as this is player found, it is an unofficial workaround and caution is advised as it involves deleting and re-downloading save data.


I understand the work arounds are not ideal, but they have been effective ways of avoiding the MD5 error while the team work on the issue.


Again I am sorry this error has effected your save,


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