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Riddle me this... Valmod, Compo Pack heat doesn't decrease?!?


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Hello! Well it's been 5 in game hours and its only gown down 0.1 to 37.06. I thought it was supposed to go down...


Anyway - one of the main sources for heat is the sounds.xml file which says:


<SoundDataNode name="mySoundName"> - this specifies the name to be called from code or other xml files

If a sound references a SoundDataNode it does not need path information.

<AudioSource name="DirectoryPathFromAssets/AudioSourceName"/> - the default audio source to use on the sound clips within this SoundDataNode

<AudioClip ClipName="DirectoryPathFromAssets/WaveFileName"/> - a wave file to play at random when this SoundDataNode is called. Multiple entries will add to the list of possible sounds to play.

<LocalCrouchVolumeScale name="0-1"/> - changes the sound volume played when you are crouched

<CrouchNoiseScale name="0-1"/> - changes the noise volume used when you are crouched to signal AI

<NoiseScale name="0-1"/> - changes the amount of noise this sound makes in general for AI

<MaxVoices name="1-inf"/> - maximum simultanious SoundDataNodes playing at once

<MaxRepeatRate name="0-inf"/> - this SoundDataNode will not be played faster than the repeat rate (can be used to reduce "audio soup")

<runningvolumescale name="0-inf"/> - increases the sound volume when entity is running

<AudioClip ClipName="DirectoryPathFromAssets/WaveFileName" AudioSource="DirectoryPathFromAssets/AudioSourceName"/> - specifying an audio source inside the AudioClip like this will use this specified audioSource for this audio clip instead of the default for the SoundDataNode

<AudioClip ClipName="DirectoryPathFromAssets/WaveFileName" DistantClip="DirectoryPathFromAssets/WaveFileName" DistantSource="DirectoryPathFromAssets/AudioSourceName"/> - here we have a distant audio clip and an audio source to play for distant audio sounds like gunfire (see distantFadeStart and end for when to play the distant audio)

<distantfadestart name="0-inf"/> <distantfadeend name="0-inf"/> - Distant audio clips will begin to play at distantfadestart in meters from the listener. The volume of the regular audio clip will reduce to zero as distance approuches distantfadeend; and the distant audio clip will play with increasing volume up intil distantfadeend for full volume.

<AudioClip ClipName="DirectoryPathFromAssets/WaveFileName" Loop="true"/> - "Loop" will change the audioSource to looping for this audioClip

<Noise ID="1" range="4" volume="7" time="5" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/>

- ID: I just made that one up so it would be easier to use search&massReplace

- range: range of impact in meters

- volume: volume of the sound which can trigger AI wake

- time: game time seconds until noise is removed

- muffled_when_crouched: scales noise range when entity is crouched

- heat_map_strength: how much to add to heat map (once 100 is hit, horde scout is spawned)

- heat_map_time: how long the heat_map_strength will be included in the total heat_map_strength (in game time divided by 10 - for legacy reasons)



Main things are heat_map_strengh and heat_map_time... For the hunting rifle which I used and took about 5 shots to kill 3 zeds at my base "NEPA" building. These are the numbers for the hunting rifle:

<Noise ID="5" range="50" volume="20" time="2" heat_map_strength="0.3" heat_map_time="120"/>


I decided to take a look at the heatmap and saw it was 38.16... Weird... So since I've done very little with the building at the moment I figured it'd go down... Previously to this it was 8.00 from jumping around and doing stuff and maybe the candles(?). So far I've added 2 work benches, two armory's, one combining station and one working faucet. I had 8 candles on the wall but took them down, wondering if they would be adding to the heat since torches did previously. I put down 5 storage boxes and removed the non-working sink, and put in two cabinets... I'm pretty sure all of that didn't add up to the 8 I had before and even with the 5 shots doesn't add up to the 37.06 I have now... I know 'jumping' or actually the 'hard fall' is the one that actually adds to the heatmap... So - for the past 4 in game hours I've only stood in place... It has not changed at all; still at 37.06... Oh - placed a land claim block but I don't see it in the sounds.xml.


So anyone have any ideas on why it's not dropping?


- - - Updated - - -


Weird - 12 hours after the gunshots, etc - its dropped to 17.01; but no drops prior to that...

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