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Missing recipes


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I am unsure when the problem started since I have been sick and have the bad habit of restarting my games if they are early on and they are going bad and I don't have the patience to tough it out, but I have noticed that all my games are missing a bunch of recipes, such as the wrench, the whole iron armor set, the cement mixer, and probably many more.


At first I thought I had to mabey unlock them for them to show up in the list even though it wasn't like that before or for other recipes, but I found two of the iron armor (the hands and legs) as well as unlocking cement and steel and they are still missing.


It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the armor but I can't upgrade my base without the cement and now I can only find and repaired wrenches. If there are even more missing recipes who knows how much stuff is missing.

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