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Is there any way to tell what block I am in without the PC debugger?


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Hi guys,


I am making a min/max zombie loot farm base. In order to maintain 100% consistent heat level, I am going to have 25 fully loaded camp fires going at all times.


However, these 25 camp fires have to be placed within the same 16x16 chunk, in order to maintain full 100% heat level. I know on PC, there is a debugger that allows you to see what chunk you're in. I know console doesn't have this, BUT I was curious of there is any indicator, such as differences in terrain or buildings. Is it something I could potentially chart out using the map coordinates?


Thanks in advanced.

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If there are map coordinates then divide by 16.


And you can go vertical as well.


Thanks for the reply!


I'm away from home at the moment so I can't try it right now.


But lets say I'm at 1,000N and 1,500W. That would be chunk 62.5X93.75?


Would that mean if I want to be exactly in the middle of a chunk, I would need to get it to 1,000N and 1,496W, in order for it to be 62.5X93.5?


Edit: Also, Can I utilize multiple chunks at a time in order to generate more Screamers?

Example being, I put 25 camp fires in a chunk, then right next to that chunk, I put another 25 camp fires in another chunk. Would that generate 2 screamers at once, or would I still only generate the first screamer for getting to 100% heat activity in the original chunk?

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It is possible to have more then 2 screamers appear. The other day when I was playing I turned on 12 forges. Went out and dug up some treasures was gone for an hour or so. When I came back I had 30 plus screamers. By the time I killed them all it was a total of 43.


I would have to suggest if you want screamers use forges instead. That way you can smelt things as well. Dug underground and set them up there so they don't get destroyed

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