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How to increase gamestage difficulty so big boys come out on horde night?


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I like to test different character builds and see how they do when the big radiated guys come on horde night. But the gamestage just takes so long to progress. My base, turrets are all ready by day 50 but only 1 or 2 radiated zombies show up and it's anticlimax.


Anyone know if we can change the gamestage to progress faster and harder in xml files and not tie in regards to our player level. Or is it something that we can't get into?


Failing that I might start giving mods a go, heard there's good ones about. I really don't like being overpowered. I'd prefer the worlds resources are scarce to find. We shouldn't have stacks n stacks of ammo and meat stew. I want that true survival feeling living on the nomadic edge of existence. I don't remember the last time I ate a tin of food or drank from a lake with my hands.

Anyone tried any mods to recommend that harsh sort of gameplay?

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Well from what little I know part of the GS is calculated by how fast your character has progressed through the levels, don't know how thats calculated but it definitely is apart of it. Recently I've gotten Radiated Cops on day 14, previously I've only gotten them on day 21. I have it in my head that I was level 64, but that could be off...


This talks about it


This lends credibility that GS is in fact based on highest player, albeit others have contradicted it... Albeit it was in Nov 2017.

Here's 'a formula' albeit donno nothing about the poster:



Looks like some questions have been unanswered...

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Thx for that, the second link was what I was looking for. Located the gamestages.xml, quite a few numbers to play around with.


Current play through day 50, player level 116, zombie kills 1354, wellness 124, no deaths...yet. Done a bit of everything looting, mining, building, farming, but the hordes have been quite weak only 1 or 2 radiated. Don't think I've ever had a radiated on day14 even on insane always run.


Not sure if it's a good or bad thing with difficulty related to player level. Maybe some play throughs go so smoothly, I've built most of what I had in mind and bought most of the perks I wanted, got a good brewery going, just sitting around waiting for them.


But then there's the play throughs I get infected day1 and every chem station happens to be destroyed!!

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Unfortunately, changing the gamedifficultybonus doesn't really do scaling very well. All that bonus does is, effectively, increase the starting 'day'. Each 1 point of difficultybonus is effectively equal to 10 days alive, so a bonus of 5 effectively starts you off from day 50. Which, if you are level 20 on night 7 gives you a gamestage of only 134. If you manage level 50, that is GS 335. These numbers are still pretty low. Getting hard enemies really early on requires pumping the bonus by quite a bit, or changing the daysalivedifficultybonus. The former gives a faster start, the latter makes days have more impact.


Another useful way to increase the fun of horde night is the Blood Moon trickle fix that some rando came up with at some point. Probably no one important. ;)



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Wow it makes a HUGE difference.


As suggested I changed:

insaneGameDifficultyBonus="1.5" to "5.0"

daysAliveDifficultyBonus="0.1" to "1.0"



wandering horde 10+ dogs, got lucky I was at the trader.



wandering horde 15+ zombies, 5-6 bikers! Got lucky again I just moved to another prefab. Get caught out by that lot its game over.


Day7 Got lucky at trader bought a blue barbed club. Crafted Xbow and found a rifle.

Blood moon:

More than I had time to count! Spiders, lot's of male/female hungry z's and bloated. No dogs or radiated, but man was it intense. I'd gotten used to not building a base for the first couple blood moons, some log spikes in the street had been enough. But there was just too many, got stunned a couple times I would've been finished if not for barbed club. Had scrap chest armor , 2 first aid bandages lol. Not sure if the stats changed the zombie strength but they seem to hit hard. But the game gave me a lot of pills tho, not sure if the settings balances itself out.


Couldn't find mining hat or NV, so I had to place 20 or so torches around where I fought. Was clearing up the next day 3 screamers turned up! Scared the crap outta me.


Day8 started building a base lol.


It's definitely upped the ante, fear factor is back. At least another 50+ hours game time for me, cheers fellas.

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You can easily customize the redmoon to act how you want it by creating a few entity groups with the zombies you want to see. and then reference them directly in the gamestage



<spawner name="BloodMoonHorde">


<gamestage stage="1">

<spawn group="ZombiesAll" num="100" maxAlive="5" duration="1" interval="30"/>

<spawn group="ZombiesAll" num="100" maxAlive="6" duration="1" interval="90"/>

<spawn group="ZombiesAll" num="100" maxAlive="7" duration="1" interval="120"/>

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="100" maxAlive="8" duration="1" interval="150"/>

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="9999" maxAlive="99" duration="2"/>

<spawn group="ZombiesAll" num="9999" maxAlive="1"/></gamestage>


So here ive created UnchainedBloodmoon entity group that has my customize zombie content.

if i leave this as the ONLY gamestage. Then redmoon will ALWAYS run this content. I can then adjust the variables to increase difficulty:


<gamestage stage="4000">

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="100" maxAlive="99" duration="1" interval="150"/>

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="100" maxAlive="99" duration="1" interval="150"/>

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="100" maxAlive="99" duration="1" interval="150"/>

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="100" maxAlive="99" duration="1" interval="150"/>

<spawn group="UnchainedBloodmoon" num="9999" maxAlive="99" duration="2"/>

<spawn group="ZombiesAll" num="9999" maxAlive="1"/></gamestage>



Now all the gamestages in between GS1 and GS 4000 do not matter. these are the only two gamestages listed. So redmoon will always choose gamestage 1, unless your calculated gamestage by the gamestage equasion is higher than 4000, then it will run the GS4000.


By eliminating the use of the confusing GS entitygroups and adding your own custom entitygroup you can easily tailor viscous redmoons.


as well as limiting the amout of calculations needed by a multiplayer server. this method will reduce stress on populated servers being the server generally is reaching the same conclusion. :ie always spawning the same gamestage for all 15 players is much easier than calculating 15 different gamestages custom to each player and thus spawning from 15 different entitygroups. <--- Thats part of what makes rubberbanding, flying and generally buggy zeds in populated redmoons. (not the ONLY cause, but it certainly helps to have a custom redmoon)


Feel free to stop by UNCHAINED PVE EXTREME ( 27000) server if you want to test yourself against a challege ;)

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Thx BloodyBlackJack, having trouble trying to understand the code:


* Not sure what UnchainedBloodMoon means

* Not sure what "num" and "duration" means


Am I right in thinking the longer the blood horde "interval" the more zombies there are "maxAlive"?


So I could use yr gamestage stage="4000" (which is max gamestage?) apply that to gamestage stage="1" and radiated Zs will show up day 1 and max zombie count on day 7 blood moon?!

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