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What happend to my minibike?


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Last time I had one disappear with no icon the bike was gone forever. :( I hope you find it.


You might also be able to get a server admin to gift one to you under the circumstances and maybe even some of the items lost.


the only experience related to this on A16 my game was crashed and I was in the place that the game crashed and my minibike was in the place that I mounted on it (few km away). Travelling back to my base the icon shows up and my minibike was 3 blocks under grass. Maybe something like it happened with Nemorosus.


Nemorosus, try to search your minibike on the way you traveled with it. Maybe you can find :D

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I had one disappear in the floor where I was building it, and then it suddenly popped back up two months later. One time it moved to above ground. Just lost another one this week in a tunnel. Parked it to haul out rock. Came back twice and it was there - loaded to basket. Came back the third trip and it was just gone. A16.4 Steam

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My bike seems to be wigging out on me a lot recently. First the game crashed and I rejoined the server and no minibike on HUD or map. I searched and nothing but I went to CM and flew about 20 meters up and it showed up on my HUD and I went to it. 3 game days later I was riding along and all of a sudden I'm sitting on the ground, looking like I'm still riding, but the minibike is 3 meters in front of me underground, I could see only the horn poking up. Restarted and dug up the minibike and continued. Yesterday it disappeared completely. I went into God Mode to literally search high and low but to no avail. Built a new one, and it's good. I put a lock on the new one, the old one had one too...will they both show up on my map if the other reappears?


Now I know why Skippy killed the minibike and just made running faster.

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Well I've talked about this before - but here are somethings about the bugged minibike - albeit I thought that they've fixed most of it.


Mods may cause you to have issues with the minibike - Just saying!


Lag on the server or client side can cause many of these 'bugs.'


Sudden disappearance: Generally the minibike will be there - just not where you expect it to be. It will either be:

1.) A head of where you were at IE: In the path you would have taken - so it's important to remember where "you were" - either visually or on the map. Sometimes your client can crash with a minibike issue and then when you return - it 'won't be there' where you expect it to be.

2.) "Behind you" or where you are at... So if you've remembered or are where you were when it disappeared - you can also look in the path you took to get where you are. Sometimes you'll find it 'behind you.'

3.) Sometimes it's gone underground because you're mis-treating it! :) Usually when this happens you can hear a 'groaning sound' that as a regular in interval, sometimes you can actually see smoke and/or fire rising from the ground. Generally I found that they are not below 2 blocks underground. So - digging down 3 blocks means it won't be there - try another block, but I could be wrong. You will have to dig out 2 blocks and don't forget to dig out a 'ramp' to get it out; albeit sometimes just digging down to the right block actually can let it 'rise to the surface' for you.

4.) If you're at a 'base' with underground tunnels/structures it maybe down below. We had one in Valmod that went down some 12 blocks to 'live' in a hallway! It regularly went down there! But that was Valmod.

5.) You're minibike just took a nose drive into the ground either behind you or ahead of you; its just a combination of issues.


I think someone said that the issues with the minibike were do to its rate of speed, and numbers 1, 2, 3 & 5 show that it is a probability. In most of the instances there was either smoke or fire coming from the engine - not from the riders POV, but 'others' POV! IE: Others could see smoke, fire or an irregular sound coming from the minibike that was having a problem. From the user/riders point of view - everything looked normal. So... If a 'team mate' says your minibike is on fire - expect problems with it. Generally logging out and back in resolves the issue with not being able to ride/interact with it. But - if you've lost it you'll have to find it, but it's always a good idea to log out and back in.


With other issues such as 'falling through the world' - I don't doubt that a minibike and rider could experience that. Albeit 'we' haven't yet. One of the 'common' things that happen when a minibike is malfunctioning, or actually either the data associated with it on the client or server side is that the player at some point can not interact with it.


So... Do you have a mod installed?

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General tip with the minibike: Take the tires off when you walk away from it. When you do this the bike turns from a vechicle into a "block" i've never had anything happen to it once I took the tires off. A17 supposedly fixes the bikes falling thru the world etc, but i'll believe it when I see it. Iv'e played quite a few games like 7dtd and this is the first one i've played that has had so many issues with vechicles taking off on their own or just falling thru the world.


I have a theory though as to why a minibike goes thru the world, where it counts as a vechicle with it being fully assembled, it might load a split second before the ground, so it ends up falling thru it, because when it first spawns its spawning bascally in the air on top of nothing. Howeven when you take the tires off, the game treats it as a static block that cannot move and it has a defined position. This is just my theory on how it works, I have no programming experence. The fact that everytime I have had a minibike go poof when it was 100% complete, kinda makes me think this one, once I started taking the tires off, anytime I got off it, i've never had this problem again. I just take them off and put them in the basket.


I am more intersted in wether A17 will be able to keep up with the speed of vechicles, for example the engine just can't keep up the rendering speed on a high quality motor minibike. So it becomes a slide show as it has to keep pausing to load. I have my game on a SSD as well and it does this even on a fresh load of a world.

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Take The Tires Off


General tip with the minibike: Take the tires off when you walk away from it. When you do this the bike turns from a vehicle into a "block" i've never had anything happen to it once I took the tires off.


It also keeps people from stealing it. lol They should make that a feature - you go grab a couple of cinder blocks and put your bike or car up on them when you park your vehicle. lol

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