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Tour Of My Castle So Far


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Tour of my castle build so far! This is on multiplayer server first of all but inside you'll firstly see the barn / farm with a fully stocked supply of food.

Next part shows two buildings, firstly being the cafe which is stocked with food and all available forms of drinks [in their proper places] with the second building being a shop with a workstation / stock room out back.

In the middle we have a smaller castle with a moat surrounding it [needs LOTS of work this does] and the final building is going to be an armoury almost entire length of the back area with multiple stories. This building will also have access to an underground prison which will have roughly 12 jail cells with one of them being the secret entrance to my main base.


Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated :) Has taken me a very long time to get it this far, still got lots of work to do though to not only finish off the buildings but also flesh them out with more cosmetic items before finishing the moat outside the castle.



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