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Huge Ping after 4pm/5pm. Morning time is fine


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Hey guys....


So my friend and I have a huge problem with playing multiplayer. When we play in the monring 9am-13am (doesn't matter if if its in the week or weekend) we can play just fine.


He hosts the server himself and I average at a ping of like 60-100. Which is just fine for 7days.


However... Everytime we want to play the game after late workshift in the afternoon/night. Mostly after 5pm, I get a huge ping. Its from 1k-30k sometimes and it's literally unplayable.


We have no real clue on what could cause this issue. We both live in a small village with mostly elder people in the neighbourhood which dont even have a computer. So a overload of my internet connection cable can't be the problem around this time... Since I have a normal ping at any other game.


They only thing we noticed is, when there are more than ~15k Player online according to steam, it begins to lag for me.

Could the high number of players could somehow be the problem? Even thought we are just 2 people on our own server? In the morning when it's like 5k Player it runs just fine....



I would be glad to get any help on this. Thanks in advance.

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For starters, I'd like to refer you to this thread....




So after reading this... The only way to fix this is to hope that our ISP will upgrade our cable in the future. Since in the morning it runs smooth only in the afternoon when more people are using the internet we are getting slowed down.


So either we rent a public server so non of us has to host the server or our ISP upgrades our connection, right?

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