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[A16] Behemoth with Mod Collision


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I've been working on this for a few days but won't be able to update if there are any issues for the next few days.

Thank you Sphereii's for testing this for me.


The mod collision may or may not work for some.

Melee and splash damage seems to work for me.

Range damage appears not to work currently unless it is just me.


This mod requires Sphereii's SDXTemplate mod.


Here are some pictures below.







If you want to spawn it through DM, the entity name is "monsterBehemoth".

There are currently 6 animations. Idle, Attack, Injured, Death, Running, and Walk.

The Behemoth will attack anything it sees whether it be a zombie, rabbit, stag, player, and minibike.

That includes doors, if he can't hit it directly then it may end up hitting blocks around it.

The HP is 500, and currently uses zombieBoeFeral's loot number.


All of this information and entity properties are subject to change in future versions.


V1.0: Download

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