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Zombies always feral at night


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Hello survivors,

I kinda miss the old days where every night was a feral night. Is there a mod out there I couldn't find? If not, is it possible to mod, or is there something hardcoded?


I tried some things in the spawning.xml, but it didn't work, I'm a newb in modding 7dtd. I think I have to change this entityspawner?

<entityspawner name="NightHorde" dynamic="true" wrapMode="clamp"> <!-- these are feral hordes who will find the player for sure -->

But I'm not sure about that reset command, for example

<property name="ResetToday" value="true" />
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Its a setting. EnemyDifficulty. Set it to Feral and you are good to go.


Enemy Aggression


This controls the behaviour of Zombies during the night time, there are two options available:

Normal - This setting leaves the Zombies to act as normal at night and they will only hunt after the players character if they are detected.


Feral - This setting is used to simulate the older style of the night time Zombies who are be able to pinpoint the players location and hunt the player down whether they have been detected or not thus making night time very difficult.




-edit- and if on dedicated server change: <property name="EnemyDifficulty" value="1" /> <!-- 0 = Normal, 1 = Feral -->

in serverconfig.xml

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It might not do what you want, but fire up spawning.xml. Add this line to all of the biome code.


<spawn maxcount="10" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombieBadassGroup" />


maxcount="10" is the maximum amount of zombies that can be spawned, so change that to whatever you want. But that means only ferals will spawn at night if you add it to every biome.

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