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Bigger Backpack and Starvation x.x.x.30


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i tried to make the bigger Backpack for Starvation from Sirillion from nexusmods work.


I play via the 7d2d Mod Launcher in advanced mode. I found several folders called Data and 7 days to die Data (iirc) in the starvation directory. I exchanged every single one of them (somehow i have these folders 4 times in my copied 7d2d directory in various subdirectories)


Accordingly to the Launcher i play on x.x.x.30 and accordingly to Sirillion the Backpack is for x.x.x.30 version of Starvation.


What am i missing here?


Thank for help in advance.


Edit: Guess im stupid. I just read over the forum thread and i think i didnt unchek "refresh mod automatically". Try that when home and report back.


Edit2: yup im Stupid, all working now! Thx anyway

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