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Few things


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Been playing since release on PS4. These have probably been discussed before but maybe not.


1. Turn off the fog.

2. Option to pick navezgame or random.

3. Option to turn off weather. (The fog)

4. Option to kick players.

5. Turn off the fog.

6. Option to turn off smoke for air drops.

7. Fix the 3 hour wait for people to join.

8. Fix the corpse dupe glitch.

9. Turn off the fog.

10. Fix the landclaim boxes for host. Don't work 90% of the time.

11. Remove the mines from the waste. You have ruined a slice of your map.

12. Put the bedroll back to at least step 4 on the starter quest. My map is littered with bedrolls

13. Turn off the fog.

14. Raise max level to 250. Challenges are boring.

15. Put the loot range back where it was. Can't stand away from the forge anymore.

16. Spice up the loot in air drops. After 500 days the only reason to get them is to prevent others from getting a sniper rifle.

17. Make all of the bridges concrete for God sake. Tired of them respawning only to collapse AGAIN.

18. Night vision goggles are terrible. How about some heat vision if that's a thing. Haha predator.

19. Cooking skill?

20. Resist stun skill?

21. Turn off the fog.

22. Make being infected mean something. 30 minutes to cure or you die. Stamina won't regenerate. Something.

23. Painkillers are useless. Never had to dehydrate myself. Make them reduce splint time a little. Or grind them for nitrate powder.

24. I know you won't but that stadium needs to be moved/removed. Combined with the school♥ the lag is bad. After 2 hours or so if you go near it you get the blue screen CE-wedontcare error almost every time.

25. Make the blueprints and landclaim boxes stack again. Who thought that was a good idea?

26. Move the date and time to lower left or right so we can see it while in crafting menus.

27. Add lumberjacks and zombie bears to horde night.

28. Fog.

29. CE-screwtheconsumers error has erased allies and their progress from my map. Wife had to restart from lvl 114.


Right now my game is acting strange. I can clear a road of cars, trash and blocks and when I come back from a CE-hawegoturmoney error all of it has respawned. Including any structures that were built. My nitrate and coal mines have poofed. My starter base is gone. All the ugly little homes the newbs have built are gone. Have to constantly reset my traps. What's next? Main base revert back to original land and trees?

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17. Bridge blocks are special blocks that have a higher stability glue than concrete. Making them concrete would make it worse.


24. Only an issue because console hardware sucks. Will be better when Unity gets mor optimization on the console.


27. I expect something like this to be in the next big console update. If they are able to add the other new Z's those are going to be the least of your issues in late-game hordes.


For your "CE-whateverthehell" error, I would recommend re-downloading the client files. That's not a normal thing by any means if you aren't on the X-Box.

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17. Sounds reasonable. Yet i have never had the concrete (blueberry house) bridge nor the asphalt (desert PnG) collapse. But every wooden one has on one map or another.


24. Figured as much. Blew it up once. Didn't help and the damn thing respawned.


27. Looking forward to it.


Tried that.


You wouldn't happen to know why Navezgame didn't get the prison or the well bunker house?

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The wood bridge Si may not be up to par with the other three, but Bridge cement, bridge asphalt, and bridge metal all have a stability glue of 400, where reinforced concrete is 320. I'll have to see what bridge wood is later. Update: Bridge wood is 200. Considering regular wood is 40, that is a big difference.


For the prison, I think it was just space. IRRC, Console still has the smaller Navezgane map too. (I almost never play Nave anymore.) Not sure on the well bunker though. That's a pretty cool POI house for an early start.


@Mr8liner, late game hordes on the PC bring radiated Z's and other nasties. Some of them regen hp almost as fast as you can shoot. The general idea of the developers is that no base should be 100% safe, and the difficulty of the zeds and hordes will raise as you do.

I really can't wait for the full effect of the new gamestages to come to the console.

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What do you mean by late game hordes? To me all hordes suck anymore


Hordes are easy. But after 2300+ kills I get nonstop hordes now. Usually two screamer at a time. I finally had a tiny lookout tower collapse other day. Kinda tore my heart out. I had two boxes loaded with 40 meat and two sniper rifles and like over 500 rounds for sniper bullets and many other things. It was crazy being inside the building as it collapses. Stuff falling. I hopped on my bike and hit the road. I take it in a major building collapse all box stuff contents vanish? So just scrap wood and iron piled on the ground I guess. I suppose the forge and work bench is gone as well. Shame it all doesn't become a pile of backpacks like a death. Oh well I may make another outpost other side of the map. Maybe near strip joint or camp ground near water.

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