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Modding question.. how would I do this. is it even doable?


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So I am looking to make a new perk.. lets call it "Sneaky d00d" for now, and what it does is when your crouching it activates a movement speed buff of about 10-15%, which ends the second you come out of crouch. Is this doable? I know there is a speed modifier attribute but is there one that has a thing for toggle crouch?


Or is there a way to mod crouch speed alone without upping global speed?


Now my second question.. birds nests.. Is there anyway to change them somehow so they are more noticable? I can never find the things outside of the desert/snow/wasteland biomes to save my life, the grass is too thick.


Lastly there is a mod I wanna try what it creates is a "workbench" that only has the combine option, it also only has 100 health and is designed to be able to be picked back up at will. How would I add this so this is given once the workbench perk is unlocked?


For reference here is the url to the combiner mod: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?78699-Portable-Combine-Station-(Bench-Version)

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