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I want the nailgun to be a relevant weapon.


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I feel like a level 600 nailgun should be a relevant weapon. I'm kind of thinking of it as a repeating crossbow. It's nice and quiet.


I tried just simply adding entity damage to the construction tools in the progression.xml but the server wouldn't start at all. lmao. apparently it didn't like the change.


The only thing I did was copy and paste the <effect name="BlockDamage">...</effect> and then changed the blockdamage to "EntityDamage"


I should probably post the file somewhere if I want help with it. What are people doing for that now? Github?


I'm thinking there are a few reasons this might have happened.


1. I have no idea what I'm doing and have no business altering files I know nothing about.


2. Something else in the game also alters the damage I was trying to alter, and it created a loop where one would alter it, and then the other would see it had changed and attempt to alter it.


3. There's no way to alter that thing from that place because nobody has told it to offer that as an option at the engine level.


4. Aliens


5. RNGeezus hates me


6. (???????)


7. Profit!

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Also wondering if there are other (easier?) ways to do this.

Can I add nailgun to the stuff that the archery skills change? Pretty sure I saw this list somewhere in the xmls.

Can I add a new type of ammunition? like maybe for balance if you got the extra damage out of steel nails or depleted uranium nails or something like that? lol.


(random stream of consciousness): Come to think of it, I would expect them to have a lot more variation in flight path without the fletching.

But I would expect adding feathers to nails would be a bit more difficult than making bolts. lol. Especially as we're talking about nailgun nails, which regular nails wouldn't work in anyway, so why can we make nails for the nailgun? lmao. OK. It's a game. So these are probably worth keeping in mind for balancing if you can get it to work at all. (/stream)


It looks like having a skill on the list is just a matter of adding it to the xml. Can I make up new skills just by putting them in that file and adding the bits of relevant command I've found elsewhere in the xmls?


How many questions am I going to get through before someone says "Did you do the tutorials?... all of the answers to all of your questions are in the FAQ. GTFO you scruffy nerfherding nub."

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Easy way to do this is use the entitydamage on the nail in items.xml:


<item id="1353" name="nail">

<property name="EntityDamage" value="5,10"/>


Increase the entitydamage to 10,20 or whatever you want. Also listed just above is the damage bonus head which gives 5 times higher damage for head shots; this can also be increased for more powerful headshots.

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Yeah since the nails are like arrows and bolts, they work like missiles, the damage to entity needs to be on the ammunition. And looky:


<item id="1353" name="nail">


<property class="Attributes">

<property name="GetQualityFromWeapon" value="true"/>

<property name="EntityDamage" value="5,10"/>

<property name="BlockDamage" value="0.1,0.2"/>



Edit red text to something that instagibs zombies at max lvl, like "5,90" or something. Play around with it.

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